Got to look at c9 and the 380

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  1. I went to my local gun shop this past weekend and took a good look at both guns, price and power aside i actually perfered the 380. i thought it looked sharp compared to the c9. I actually am considering the 380, anything you would suggest to sway me back towards the c9?
  2. Totally your choice, but the 9mm does have more knock down power, and ammo is cheaper.

  3. here where i live is the price of ammo. wal-marts wwb 100 count 9mm is at $18.99 the .380 is $21.99 not a huge difference but i didnt want to buy two types of ammo especially when sometimes they only have 9mm available and vise versa. thats why i went with another c9 instead of the .380.
  4. hmmm...well i dont know where you guys live but ammo prices are very high here. At our Walmart a box of 45. for 50 count is priced at 30. 9mm i think was close to 25 or so. It seems like it keeps going up no matter what =(.
  5. My son polished the slide of his C9 so it now looks like a CF380.
  6. was it pretty simple to polish the slide?
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    Polishing the slide should be a piece of cake.
  8. what you guy use for polish the slide? just wondering.
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    I used the buffer wheel on my dremel after sanding the Paint of with What I had liyng around. Tokk total about ten minutes, Including getting it apart and back together.

    Make sure you take it slow and clean up the mess well before you go shooting. Some guys like to use Jewlers compound, Heck others even use the Shoot it smooth method.:)
  10. Are we talking about polishing the feed ramp or sanding the slide of a C9 to make it look like a CF380?

    The original poster was wanting the CF380 because it looked "sharper" than the C9. If you're looking for a way to make the slide of the C9 resemble that of a CF380 you can take a look at the following link. It should work the same on a C9 as it did on his 40.
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    I would suggest getting the C9. Yes I agree the slide on the .380 is pretty sharp looking compared to the C9, but you have to take a few things into consideration as well. What are you using the weapon for? Are you going to use it for target shooting, home defense, personal carry, ect.

    If you're using the 380 for target shooting that price difference in ammo adds up fast! Where I live I paid nearly $30 at Wal-Mart for a 100rd box of 380 ammo (Winchester). Ammo prices differ from state to state, but you're going to shell out more in the end.

    If you're using the 380 for a home defense weapon, and an occasional plinker, then I say go for it :) As stated it doesn't have the stopping power of the C9, but in a CQB situation in your home, a 380 round would do the job. (even a .22lr in CQB within a home would be effective)

    I have the 380 and I've enjoyed it greatly, but she just got too darn expensive to shoot. She was retired to a home defense weapon, and I now have her up for sale. It was the first HP pistol I bought, and at the time was looking for a cheap reliable pistol. One thing I never really understood is why the 380 is in the HP line up. One main purpose of the 380 round is for a "smaller more concealable" weapon design. The HP380 is freakishly large compared to other makers. I tried to carry it concealed and it took me less than 2 minutes to decide NOT to leave the house with it concealed as it looked like I was carrying a brick. I've open carried it, but even then it was quite heavy in the holster for that as well.

    Good luck.
  12. I'm the son. I started out using the grinding wheel to get the parkerizing off. The Dremel set I bought had 2 different polishing discs, one is more coarse than the other. After both of those I used another polish bit that I had picked up somewhere that is basically a pencil eraser with bits of sand type stuff. Now I'm using one of those cheap-o nail filing blocks that has four sides, 1 for filing nails, smoothing nails, buffing nails, and shining nails. I picked it up at target in the travel toiletries section, but I've seen them at Wal-mart in the finger nail section. I'm working on getting the nicks out that were caused by the Dremel, my hands aren't that steady. I've been wanting to post some pics but I want to wait till I get it smooth.
  13. I would go with price and power over looks but it doesn't take much to make the 9mm look like the .380. Whatever your choice ends up being, enjoy!!!!
  14. Along similar lines, I am considering getting either a .380 or C9 for my wife. I have a .40 S&W which I love, but her hands are so small, she has trouble holding it, much less racking the slide. I understand the .380 and C9 are approximately the same size and weight, but is there a noticable difference in the amount of effort used to work the slides? If I can go with the 9mm, it would be better (already have the 995, so that helps in the ammo dept.), but I do not want to have to worry about her not being able to chamber a round if the SHTF. Thanks for any info...
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    Welcome GTV
  16. Thanks Ari! Glad I finally found this place... It is so nice to be able to converse intelligently with others about an American-made, reliably built firearm with an outstanding warranty, without having to wade through dozens of "Hi-Points suck, get a Glock 'cause they're expensive" drivel.

    Not that I have anything against Glocks... but for the same price I can get an HP and LOTS of ammo!!!
  17. welcome gtv.... good weapons and plenty $$ to stack ammo deep and cheap..
  18. Welcome, GTV. The 380 and C9 are exactly the same gun except for the barrel and maybe a slight difference in the slide. They both use the exact same magazine.

    If you shop on line and buy wolf ammo, 380 goes for about 200/1000 rounds and 9mm costs about 170/1000 rounds. That is from which includes shipping.
  19. The c9 is more powerful and the ammo is cheaper. They are same size and weight and working the slide is the same. Either one is a good weapon, and I've used both, but I would pick the c9 over the .380.
  20. Besides the slide color and chambering/barrell, they are almost exactly alike. I had a CF380 that was stolen from me and I had a C9 that I had to sell in a moment of weakness and brokeness. I liked both, but I liked the CF380 more-- just a personal preference. I have since bought another CF380 due to the price and luck off of GB ($101-$102 shipped vs C9s going for a whole lot more). I keep the CF380 as a truck gun, and while I love HPs, if I had a gun stolen or detroyed I would pick my HPs over my XD45 or PT111MilPro-- only because of the price.

    Anyway, like everyone said, the CF380 is harder on the wallet than the C9, but just as fun to shoot.

    To answer your question-- get both....