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Besides the slide color and chambering/barrell, they are almost exactly alike. I had a CF380 that was stolen from me and I had a C9 that I had to sell in a moment of weakness and brokeness. I liked both, but I liked the CF380 more-- just a personal preference. I have since bought another CF380 due to the price and luck off of GB ($101-$102 shipped vs C9s going for a whole lot more). I keep the CF380 as a truck gun, and while I love HPs, if I had a gun stolen or detroyed I would pick my HPs over my XD45 or PT111MilPro-- only because of the price.

Anyway, like everyone said, the CF380 is harder on the wallet than the C9, but just as fun to shoot.

To answer your question-- get both....

1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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