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I'm the son. I started out using the grinding wheel to get the parkerizing off. The Dremel set I bought had 2 different polishing discs, one is more coarse than the other. After both of those I used another polish bit that I had picked up somewhere that is basically a pencil eraser with bits of sand type stuff. Now I'm using one of those cheap-o nail filing blocks that has four sides, 1 for filing nails, smoothing nails, buffing nails, and shining nails. I picked it up at target in the travel toiletries section, but I've seen them at Wal-mart in the finger nail section. I'm working on getting the nicks out that were caused by the Dremel, my hands aren't that steady. I've been wanting to post some pics but I want to wait till I get it smooth.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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