got to use some gear from my ghb today

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  1. Well I was going into work this morning and the weather was pretty nasty so I pulled my mini led flashlight out of my ghb (get home bag) in case the power went out at work today. Sure enough it went out and a few ladies got trapped on the elevator. Well after the power being out for about 5 minutes and no one being able to open the elevator I went out to my truck and retrieved my crowbar and proceeded to open the elevator door. I did get a strange look from a few people including my boss who wanted to know why I had a crowbar. Told him I do a lot of camping and offroading so I keep that kind of stuff in my truck. (wanted to tell him it was for the zombies, but didn't know how he would take it) So let's hear from the rest of you, any experiences where your preparedness helped in your daily life?
  2. Good job man, and plus one for you being prepared. I use things from my GHB every now, and then, but it comforts me knowing I have my bases covered if a situation comes arise. I have been a member to this site, and the old one for quite some time now, and unfortunetly the "Survival" topic area has really come to a crawl. I think when I have some time I will post my GHB in hopes some people may become motivated to start to better prepare themselves.

  3. hey back in the days before I got stuck in this wheelchair, I opened many a car for people who locked their keys in the car. I alway carried a jimmy in my car. I was a paint and body man, so it was legal for me to have. I even gave the shierriff one, one time.

    I carried a full set of tools everywhere just in case. you never know what you will need
  4. Ive tapped into my GHB's first aid kit many times for auto accedents and at sporting events (my daugthers hockey team, Ive become thier unofficial medic apparently). After my family has seen how often those supplies have come in handy, they stopped giving me any guff about being prepared.
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    Best keep the "zombies" comment to yourself, ;) Good for you, having some preps that blows peoples minds when something simple as the power going out.
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    When the power went off a an automotive production plant here in SC, us (security team) had to keep everyone together, give bathroom escorts, and keep everyone calm... needless to say, 3 officers vs. 600 employees was a task, thank the lord most of them smoked! half of us were outside puffing and joking about making "easy money"... They have since installed a generator the size of a dump truck... to power the plant for 12 hours... after that 12 hours, chaos again!
  7. got to the house the other night and the power was out. grabbed my surefire from my belt and my 4D maglite from my GHB.

    Used my mini first-aid kit the other day at school as well. Nothing major though.

  8. Ya know, there is ALWAYS someone that looks at you as if you're certifiably nuts when you bring out a tool perfect for the job at hand, get the job done in seconds, "save the day" as it were, and then look at you as if you're some sort of McGyver or some shat... Crap, I have at least 2 crowbars in the toolbox on the back of my truck at all times for when I do floor jobs... Besides that, why is it any of his business what tools you choose to carry in your vehicle? Nosy bastard.

    You should have told your boss this: HELLO!!! IT'S CALLED BEING PREPARED!!!! You should try it sometime douche bag.
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    So true. My son went out on a mountain bike ride with his friends family. I sent him with a mini-kit for first aid. They thought it was amusing, until his friend took a hard fall and banged up his knee pretty bad. My son was able to flush the wound and bandage it up on the spot. After that, they were impressed.

    Always be prepared...
  10. Trust me Primal I would have loved to say that, but I have only been working here a short time so I am not really in that posistion. Most of my friends give me a hard time until something happens and they need something I have in my truck. I have recieved alot of free beers by helping a buddy or two stuck on the side of the road. Oh well I have convinced a few people that it is a good idea to prepare.
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    Yeah ive helped a few people here and there with my first aid kit and tool kit. My wifes relatives still give me a hard time about all the "junk" i carry along. Someday when they need it maybe ill just leave it in the truck eh?

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    Gave a homeless guy one of my $2.00 emergency blankets and an MRE once. Not really sure what compelled me to do it, I just did. About a week later he was parked in the same spot and there he was walking about. He saw me and started walking tword me. I thought to myself, "Ah geeze now I've done it." thinking he was going to ask me for more. But he simply put out his hand to shake mine and thank me for the blanket he still had. Said it was the most handy thing he had ever seen. "Folds right up into my pocket and I can take it everywhere." He had asked me where I got it and if they cost much, some of the other guys had asked him about it. So for my good deed of the day I gave him my remaining stock of 7 emergency blankets ( I was going to upgrade to the new ones anyway, gave me an excuse to do so. ) for his friends. Thought the guy was going to cry. Amazes me how so little to me can mean so much to someone else.
  13. That was a really good thing you did, blkhwkfxr! You may never know the good that your act of kindness has created! Good deeds have a way of snowballing! You very well may have saved many lives that day! You watch... in some way your generosity will come back to you! GOOD ATCHA MATE !!!