Got to watch the LGS guys as well

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  1. Some people need to remember that all guns are loaded. Luckily, no one else was injured, or worse.

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    That officer didn't look like a spring chicken, so I can only guess that he had been a police officer for more than a few years. One thing that can happen to people who work with firearms on a regular basis is that they can become complacent. Too many years of casual weapons handling, without mindfulness of proper safety procedures, but no negligent discharges, sometimes can lead to the recklessness that he displayed.

    What everyone has already said within this thread is more than true, and there is little else to add to it. Nevertheless, there is one thing that should be added:

    Whenever taking possession of a firearm from someone, drop the mag and open the action while it is pointed in a safe direction as if it is a religious practice. Even with my own weapons that I take from the cabinet, I stick my fingers into empty magazine wells and then open the actions to look into the chamber. If I am doing work on them and leave them laying around the living room for awhile afterwards, I still do the same thing--even if no one else has been around to tamper with them. Carrying this out in a religious fashion builds muscle memory that can prevent things from happening like what happened in that LGS.

    Secondly, indexing the trigger finger alongside the frame is absolutely critical. Pulling the trigger should be a deliberate act intended to either send a round downrange, to practice technique (after clearing, of course), to test the quality of the trigger (after clearing, of course)--all while ensuring that the weapon is pointed in a safe direction. If not doing one of the above, the booger flicker needs to be indexed alongside the frame. Period. That in an inviolable principle.
Thread Status:
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