Gotta Love New Hampshire

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by kedrake, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. New Hampshire is an "open carry" state, and has some of the most lenient gun ownership laws in the lower 48.

    Yesterday I went to my local police department, dropped off my 1 page (single sided) concealed carry permit application and a check for $10.00. The lady behind the desk took my stuff, wrote me a reciept, and said to come back next Thursday to pick up my permit.

    Gotta love it.
  2. Bitsman

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    Got that beat my friend.. Granted Alabama is not an open carry state so you have me there, but you have to wait a week for your permit... For us its 1 sheet of paper with 20 questions, $20.. Permit in hand in 10 mins....

  3. Dang.
    Ohio is $90 and a 45 day wait. At least it's "shall-issue."
  4. jbopos1

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    lol you all have me beat... Tennessee is $120 at the Driver License station, then free fingerprinting to be scheduled at an authorized location(we use UPS) after uve turned ur paperwork to DL station. and then they send it in, and then it depends on how quick the state gets to u. anywhere from a week to 90 days. but tennessee is OPEN or CONCEALED carry. and b4 all that u have to complete a Tennesse Handgun Carry Permit class- 8hrs cost $50-$75. so everybody gets their money
  5. tallbump

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    PA is pretty similar to NH.

    We do have open carry.

    I paid $20 turned in my one page application and had my picture taken. Got my permit in the mail 4 days later.
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    Same as tallbump but I walked out with my permit.
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    NH wins,only about 5 questions,last year I bought my 995 carbine on my 1/2hr lunch break and wasnt late getting back LOL!! and the gun shop was 2 miles from work.
  8. Bitsman

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    Hell.. I can do that...