Gov't must have solved all problems: time to 'neuter' trucks

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  1. I'm so glad government hasn't got any real problems to deal with:

    Quote: " ...these types of dangling do-dads are tacky, vulgar, and downright embarassing..."

    And there you have it; when people exhibit bad taste, the government should control it! :cry: :cry:

    Oh how I would love a government that limited its actions to those outlined inteh constitution :twisted:
  2. masfonos

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    Hey, that's how Putin won TIME's POTY "honor"

    TIME's been a real joke with these for a while now.

  3. My god, I mean yea they are a vulgar little decoration, but c'mon! People get offended to easily.
  4. z71silverado98

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    I dont have a problem w/ 'em if people wanna look like idiots so be it.

    My truck is a female anyway. As such i thought it was considered good luck and tradition for vehicles to be a female name. Hell all my guns are female names based on the same idea.
  5. If we neuter them, will it decrees there aggressiveness while driving, the way neutering an animal seems to do in there behavior. I am actually FOR there vulgar, dangly do-dads. When I see them, I know they are an idiot, and to avoid there bad driving skills.
  6. AGuyNamedMike

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    Ha. I'm from Virginia and my family tells me Spruill is considered a bit of a joke. I don't see this going anywhere.
  7. Kelotravolski

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    I hate those things and as much as I would personally like to see them vanish I would much rather see the law makers who suggested this authoritarian crap to vanish from office.
  8. Make them illigal???.............come on get your head outta your arse's and work on the real problems in government.
  9. We're talking about the fake testicles people hang on the backs of their vehicles.

    FAKE??? I thought you were supposed to use real ones. Oops!
  10. elguapo

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    Abuse of authority, me thinks.
    I dont care for them, but a "ban"? There's other things to do with our time..
  11. I think they are funny, and I've heard like 4 times already that I need to get a pair for the wifes prius. Like the less realizstic bull ball version, but I personally wouldn't pay for a set of testicles to decorate my truck with. Better things like tint, wheels, GAS to spend my money on, but to each their own. It's coming down to censorship, and I'm not for that. Years and years ago there was a big deal over the silver silohette of a woman on the mudflaps of semi truck. What did all the commotion do? Why it made them more popular of course then the next thing you know they are on pick up truck flaps, lighters, windows, all over the place. All the commothion died out, people got over it and just dealt with it and they died out and now seen occasional where they began, on semis.
  12. This is funny and I dont see the legislation getting many supporters or going very far. Just another example of how government wants to control more and more of peoples lives on a daily basis.

    For the record, I think the truck balls are tacky and I would never waste my money to put something like this on my vehicle.
  13. Perhaps a foot that sticks out from under the front bumper so when you see a truck with one, you can kick it in it's nuts?
  14. neothespian

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    Agreed on the tacky. NEVER will find it's way on my machines.


    1st Amendment applies to EVERY form of expression that does not encourage the harm of others. Vulgar? yes. Just because I don't dig it doesn't make it wrong at all.

    You have lewd Coop stickers on the back of hot rods with naked nuns doing things, you have Pro-Life and Pro-Choice stickers having it out with one another, and you have the "F**K -insert noun here-" stickers everywhere you turn. You have cars with Confederate flags on the back window that irritate those from many groups, and I even have my Union Jack on the back of my car, and I've been told that I must of "Forgot" to put my US flag up there too (I just say "Nope. I didn't forget.") Nobody's banned those yet.

    You don't like it? Eh.....too bad. If you're worried about what you're going to say to your children, it sounds like a topic of parenting. It's an event that, in the grand scheme of things, does not affect the function of government of a region or it's people.

    They're plastic bits of anatomy!!!!!! Anyone who thinks that it's ok for them to make a law based solely on THEIR morals deserves to get slapped by a set of fresh ones just on principle.
  15. Ridge

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    IMO, sure way to find a redneck...kinda like a boat proprellor on your hitch...I hate em, but Im not gonna sponsor a law banning them....much more useful things to ban at the moment, like people who use guns to commit crimes...
  16. Well put Neo. Is the world coming to an end? I just agreed with everything a liberal said...
  17. azcarbine

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    Notice the article said that he hasn't found a co sponser? I wonder why? :roll:
  18. I was thinking the other day, you know one place you won't see those on a vehicle. A university campus. Them I was saddened when I saw a truck in fron of me with them headed the way there. But then I noticed he was headed to the tech school where all the idiots go for like plant work and mechanic work and things of that sorce.
  19. I think they are stupid. I think they say a lot about who's driving the truck. I think they are funny. I think wasting my money discussing laws against them is stupider still. I think offering my opinion on this topic is the stupidest of all.... :shock:
  20. Y'know Newskate, I think that was a stupid post!
    :p :roll: :D :wink: