GP100/SP101 Trigger tuneups

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  1. Ordered/received two India stones. One in 800 grit, one in 1200 grit. Both, tapered, 1/4" thick to knife, 1/2" wide and 6 inches long. Used oil with both. Polished to a mirror both single and double action points (and re-assembled by the Grace of God and lots of youtube ;) ). Single action wasn't bad before... silky now. Made HUGE difference on the double action!

    My starting DA trigger was 12.5 pounds and was not consistent through the whole pull.
    Now DA pull is smooth and consistent through the pull and runs at 7.5 pounds

    My starting SA trigger was crisp but at 5 lbs, now at 2.3 lbs.
    Have tested reliability (empty) shaking the pistol, tapping on the hammer with a plastic handled screw driver, applying forward pressure. When I was satisfied I took it to the desert (I refuse to shoot at ranges). Now have about 400 rds through it since the trigger job and the single action will sneak up on you. I would not let someone shoot it without first having them dry fire it so they know what to expect.

    No spring changes, polishing only.

    Used four videos. One from Master Gunsmith "Yoda" of Impact Guns, two (assembly and dis-assembly) from the Ruger company, and another from a pretty good detailed youtuber.

    All are listed below if anyone gets a hankerin' to do a GP100! I'd recommend watching all 4 before starting.


    The first two are the factory vids and apply to several models.
    The third one is from Yoda (Terry G at Impact Guns) has less parts detail but lot's of knowledge on technique.
    The fourth shows intricate detail on taking apart and putting back together the trigger mechanism itself.

    Even if you don't have one of these, watch the Yoda vid. Very good.

    Factory trigger removal

    Factory trigger re-installation

    Yoda from Impact Guns on stoning

    Detailed trigger group disassembly
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    Good post. As revolvers are still popular it's good to keep this information alive. I haven't tuned my Cobra because reasons, but my brother's airweight may need a little DA work.

  3. Very good detail between the combination of vids. Almost anyone could do it if they watched all the vids first!

  4. I have shot a couple airweights and the trigger on those can definitely use some work!
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    I had an SP101 that I had to rehab. Couldn't have done it without YouTube and a back stop for all those little springs and pieces. I learned a lot about revolvers from taking on the challenge.
  6. Turn out good? How good did the action get?

  7. Agreed. The Airweight has a bit of a stiff trigger for as light a gun as it is. Too easy to pull off target just due to trigger pull and stacking. The polish will relieve much of that.

    My friend just lost his airweight due to a kaboom (probable double charge from commercially loaded ammo he bought in Sacramento years back).

    We were out shooting last fall and the top strap went through his hat and left him with 6 staples in his forehead. My guess is the reloader was using titegroup for small powder drops and got a double charge. Guess only, but that's the kind of kaboom it was. Was not barrel obstruction.
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    It turned out great. I didn't do much but replace some worn parts and a little polishing. I didn't measure the trigger pull, I just wanted it smoother. It was buttery and had nice tight lock up. More than anything, I enjoyed taking it apart and putting it back together. It was a good learning experience.
  9. I think every firearm owner should know how to disassemble their firearm

    I'd call that a Win-Win situation!
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    Couldn't agree more. That's the reason why I decided to build an AR from a stripped lower receiver. I just started that project this weekend and I'm going to take it slow and savor it.
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    That was my plan for my AR pistol 1/2 hour later it was done. Then I was bored.
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    lol. I hear yah. I still need a couple more parts otherwise I may have done the same thing.
  13. Good way to go. You can do almost anything to an AR platform! :D