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  1. Not bad. I've been holding off buying "on-line" the .45 ammo because I can still get it where I purchased my .45 for $9.99/50, plus there is no shipping charge. (gas to get there and back is not an issue with me)
    As stated on this forum before, once and awhile You can find a "good deal", BUT it's the shipping that kills ya.
    (the $9.99/50 I pay for is the same ammo that you posted; I too have not had a problem while SOME others have)

    Great find though! (thumbs up!) :wink:

  2. Not many carry this stuff up here that i have found. $9.99 is an incredible deal. I found one who had a few boxes for a little over $14. I would drive to get $9.99 as well, but I didn't think $17 for shipping was too bad considering the availability.

    There is a NH market to be had it seems.
  3. i buy mine at walmart for 28.95 per 100 rounds.
  4. Walmart just raised their prices last week. Ours is now $29.95. There is another scheduled price hike coming on March 8. I do not know the extent of that one.
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    45 ACP Ammo

    Where are you getting 45 acp ammo for 9.99 for 50 rounds in southern NH
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    Ya no kidding. I just noticed he was southern NH when you mentioned it. I have searched high and low for it and cannot find it. Please do tell.
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    I am leaning towards the CCI Aluminum at Wideners for 10.85/50:|646

    Thinking I'd rather have aluminum than steel...
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    FYI, there is no shop in Southern NH that sells Wolf for $10. The poster gave me his "source" which is Chester Arms in Chester, NH. I was in there last week, and John is selling .45 ACP Wolf between $13-$14 a box when he can get it, certainly not $10. Sorry, but this is misinformation at this time.
  9. that seems like an excellent deal if you can go for the 1000. i have never shot aluminum before.
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    !!ATTENTION ALL READERS!! This WAS NOT "disinformation". I still have my recp't for $9.99 purchasing the WOLF .45/50, and when I was in there Feb 2 purchasing my C9, the WOLF .45/50 was now at $10.00 even. From Feb.2 up to last week when You were there.......
    Pricing went up (unless this happens only at Walmart)
    He has never seen You before in his place of business and is expecting the price's to go up by the time You go back there (just to let you know, so you're not "disinformed" again).
    OR, MAYBE because You May have said to him that someone mentioned that they got the ammo for $9.99 from him, and now he figures he can make a few more extra bucks on it and jacked the price up.
    OR, because he sells them for so cheap, that he can't keep them on the shelf!
    Whichever the case it may be, I really don't care. MAYBE I took your remark on "disinformation" the wrong way, but it sure sounds like you were "throwing me under the bus".
    Maybe next time you plan on going to purchase ammo, pick up the phone first (saves you on fuel) and check to see if they got what you're looking for before someone else disinforms you.
    Hello McFly?! :idea:
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    I don't mind amending the word disinformation to misinformation if that makes you happy. As far as the scenarios that you propose, they range on the side of unfair to John of Chester Arms. Why would you suggest the he may practice price gouging on new customers? How is that fair to him? That sounds pretty defamatory and accusatory on your part. Especially when there are a few guys on this forum from NH. Now you just announced that you feel John would cheat new customers. I totally disagree and hope you retract your statement. John seems like a fair guy and runs a good business.

    As far as your other points, why would I pick up the phone and call the guy about his ammo price when the ammo is sitting right in front of me in the dudes house? Ya that makes a lot of sense pal.

    Bottom Line: It is possible that the price went up, but $3 a box is outrageous in 2.5 weeks. As of right now, it isn't selling for $10 a box. Period.

    Go ahead and create as many fake scenarios as your heart desires, but just remember they are fake and don't give you anymore credibility than any other person.

    Finally, fyi for NH residents. John of Chester Arms is a good guy with a good business. He does not engage in price gouging as some poster wants to suggest. In fact, that is why he began his business--to combat price gouging of the local gun shop snobs. You will not regret dealing with John.
  12. Quoted from Digger44
    Caliber Zone/ "Bottom Line: It is possible that the price went up, but $3 a box is outrageous in 2.5 weeks. As of right now, it isn't selling for $10 a box. Period".
    General Questions/ "If so, why would American ammo need to increase so much in a short time? Are the US ammo makers just taking advantage of the situation?"

    In your first statement, you cannot believe how the price went up $3.00 in 2.5 weeks....AFTER I mentioned to you "pricing went up" AND everyone has been saying this.
    Now in your second statement, you're asking why the increase?
    So, when I said I purchased my ammo for $9.99 and you went 2.5 weeks later and the ammo was $13-14., it is "BECAUSE $ WENT UP! Duh....McFly!! :roll:
    Note* I went to ChesterArms yesterday and the WOLF .45/50 is $15.00 . Gee, let me see......$5.00 more in 3.5 weeks. I'm glad I'm your Pal :wink: .
  13. Dude you have issues I hope you get worked out. Best of luck.