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  1. Dohrmc

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    I have heard a lot about HiPoint's excellent customer service. Just found out it is true.
    I called early in the week to get a couple more mags/stock clip for my new 4095. The nice lady took my order and told me they were in catchup mode due to the holidays-might be a couple of weeks to get my order to me.
    Nice surprise today-Saturday-a package from HiPoint. Just like Christmas!

    I worked for Delta for 31 yrs. I know good customer service, and this is it.
    Well done, HiPoint!
  2. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    2nd to NONE!
    The lady you talked to was Fran, very nice lady.
    Remember if you order any parts, they are shipped very quickly. Much faster than the accessories. So if you would add firing pin & spring, or an ejecter, to your order, MoM would ship them together, much quicker.
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  3. Hipointer

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    I do have to admit, that Hi Point really does run a first class operation. A good product at a great price, and they take care of their customers well. There are a lot of "other" big names in the business, that could take a lesson or two from Hi Point. Guess that's why I get so pissy when some clown starts running his mouth about Hi Point. They just don't get it.
  4. Galloway6

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    I placed 2 orders while they were on break, they returned to work on Monday and I received both on Thursday and that's good service in my book.
  5. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    I think it say's alot about the company, to allow their employees 2 weeks off in July & 2 weeks off in December.
  6. Flydean1

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    Dohrm, Im a recent purchaser of a 4595TS. Called to order spare strap swivels so I could modify the originals and have some spares in case the mods don't work. Offered to pay for the new ones as there was nothing wrong with the originals. Nope, the nice lady said, these are warranty parts. There was nothing wrong, I just wanted spares. Still insisted on no payment. I really, really like shooting the carbine. Sings like a well-tuned Nelson. Hope to see you at the flying field soon.

    Flydean from Dothan
  7. Dohrmc

    Dohrmc IIWFWTIWRTW Member

    Hi Deano! I did a lot of research before I got this HiPoint. I am very pleased with the gun, and also their service.
    Going out tomorrow to sight it in at prob 50 yards, and see how it does at 100.

    Hope to see you at the flying field.
  8. Mediocre_Bob

    Mediocre_Bob Supporting Member

    I ordered the two magazines and the stock clip from them during the holidays. The order status didn't change until mid week after New Years. I knew they were closed for the holidays so I wasn't concerned. I got the order this Monday. I consider that pretty darn good for an Internet order.
  9. Taheeti

    Taheeti Member

    My firing pin in my 4595 was slightly bent. I called and they sent me out a new one immediately at no charge to me. Thank you Hi Point!
  10. IDMTfirefighter

    IDMTfirefighter Member

    I continue to be impressed by owner testimonials of Hi-Point guns and customer service. Can't wait to get my C9...if the state of IL ever gets it's act together and issues my FOID that is
  11. What are you guy's flying?
  12. Dohrmc

    Dohrmc IIWFWTIWRTW Member

    We fly FreeFlight models-no radios. Dean is a Master! He can really make them go.

    I finished up my military flying in the airplane on your avatar. What a beast of an airplane, got to fly it for two years before I retired.
  13. I fly giant scale rc, both civilian and military aircraft
  14. Taheeti

    Taheeti Member

    Has anyone tried calling them lately? My firing pin on my 4595 is bent again. Tried calling 419-747-9444 and 419-747-6095 repeatedly during the stated business hours EST and either get a busy signal or their recording stating their normal business hours. Started calling last week and its contuing this week.
  15. SWAGA

    SWAGA No longer broke... Lifetime Supporter

    They only have 1-2 people answering the phones.
    Try calling earlier in the morning is about the only advice I can give you.
    The two times that I called I got through pretty much right away.
  16. yabiah

    yabiah Member

    Try hittin' 'em up on the Facebook.
    They replied to my message today regarding a 995TS tool.
  17. coreyb

    coreyb Member

    I have gotten in touch with them through the 9444# 2x in the last week this is the 1st time I have had to use the warranty services but I very happy with them... I was having problems with 1 thing for sure and wasn't sure about 2 others and they offered to go ahead and send me the parts just In case... they were so helpful and polite definitely the best customer service I have ever dealtdealt with
  18. hckeynut15

    hckeynut15 Member

    Hi Point Customer Service

    Placed an order last week for mag holder/2mags combo and a pair of speed loaders. When it arrived, one of the speed loaders was bent. This thing is tough and I can't imagine what could have bent it but, bent none the less... Took a pic and tried to find an email to show them as proof but couldn't find one. Called the number on their sight and all they needed was my order number and that was it... No need to return the damaged item and no need for pics. Yes, very good customer service!!
  19. desertrider

    desertrider Member

    I'll jump in here.

    I called Hipoint on Tuesday for a replacement firing pin for my 4595 carbine. It arrived in the mail on Friday.

    Their customer service is courteous and quick, that's for sure.