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    Best code I've seen ever! Don't know anything about this company, but with this code, they can't be all bad.

    ***SALES CODE***

    20% off all sales through the end of the month. Use code "HILLARYFORPRISON" at

    Killary somehow scared the head of the FBI into recommending she not be charged for committing crimes that would land the rest of us in prison and with massive fines. It's time the aristocracy should have to follow the same laws they push on the people who give them their power.

    There are no more days off. We feel things are going to get worse in the very near future. Carry all the time no matter what. If she gets her way, she wants to have us all unarmed. We have solutions for every mode of carry and support full custom options as well. There is no excuse any longer for being unarmed. You are responsible for your own safety, no one else.

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