Great Family Stories: 15 Tales of Tradition and the Outdoors

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    From the latest edition of Field & Stream

    Some of them are pretty good. I have to admit, i cried a bit after reading Dad's Gun. Not because I have a gun of my dad's, but because I have NOTHING from my dad. Parents split when I was around 4. Dad took off, remairred and started a new family. I have a half bro and sis. I have them on Facebook, seem like good people. I have met them a few times over the years. I'm glad they have a dad, they deserve it. I don't begrudge them at all. I am a bit jealous, but that's life. What gets me though is my dad was/is into cars, motorcycles and playing the drums....all thinkgs I have always had an interest in but never had anyone to teach me about. But, again, that's life.

    Anyways, I hope ya'll enjoy the stories. I am sure most of you will find at least one that touches you
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    I got dad's shotgun at 12, he got it at 12 himself. Stock was cut off and patched back with a mismatch off another when he got older. Old Stevens single shot 16 gauge. I used it until I was 24 then I bought an 870 express. It gathered dust for a few years when I decided it needed to be refurbished completely. It was not a collector item so I had it completely redone, stripped and reblued, brand new stock... I gave it back to dad for Christmas that year and he used it until he died. It was lightweight and swung well on pheasants. Easy to carry all day long. I have it back now and am engraving the stock so i can then give it to a nephew who hunted a lot with dad. He has kids that are almost old enough to start hunting themselves and it is a good learner shotgun!