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  1. I took my new to me Model C out today. Not only is this the first time shooting my new weapon but also my first shooting any Hi Point. I shot 50 rds of American Ammunition 115 gr FMJ and had zero FTE or FTF. The gun shot like a dream. It felt great in my hand and the trigger pull was smooth. I am definitely a Hi Point fan now and will be purchasing more when I get a chance. I also had a great experience calling mom today to get some upgraded parts for my old Model C. I also took my new Cobra FS380 and shot around 20 rds of Winchester Train & Defend 95 gr JHP. The Cobra also shot fine with no issues and am happy with it but compared to the Hi Point it was definitely an inferior design. The sight picture is horrible and after just a few rounds hurt my hand. I would have liked it alot better had I not just shot my Model C. My Phoenix HP25 on the other hand had a few issues with FTF mostly on the first round. I was using Winchester white box 50 gr FMJ. You could see the firing pin hit the primer and when I put the round back in it fired no problem. Not sure what the issue is but if anyone has some insight I'd love to hear it. Thanks
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    Glad to hear that your first experience was a good one. While somewhat heavy (IMHO) of daily carry, it is a soft shooting gun, one of the real bargins left in this addiction. No experience with the Phoenix, I'm afraid, but WWB ammo seems to leave a lot to be desired. It sounds like a weak hammer/striker spring. If it were my reloads, I say I didn't seat the primers properly, especially since they fire on a second strike. Welcome to the nut house

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    NE Utah that picture in your avatar from AF? Looks familiar.;)
  4. Yeah my roommate is from American fork. I've never been I just liked the temple picture he had
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    NE Utah
    Got a daughter and her family that live about 8 miles from it.:)
    Her in-laws live 4 blocks from it.:p
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    Glad you had a positive experience with you new gun. Got any pics?