Great First Range Impression With My C9

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  1. This afternoon, I took out my brand new hi point C9 that I bought online from buds gun shop for around $150. It came with the hard case also, I was pretty impressed with the overall feel of the gun in my hand. I have only owned one other handgun previously, and for the price you can't beat a hipoint! I did change out the the trigger for a Joey keychain and I purchased a butler creek universal grip also. These add-ons are very nice I think I only paid $10 for the grip on Amazon. I went ahead and tried to do the magazine feed lip/spring fix before I shot it too. But anyway, I ran 100 rounds of 115 grain white box Winchester ammo through it and it fired wonderfully! I only had a nose dive issue once the whole time and it was when I reloaded a new mag and chamber the first round. I did however, have to adjust the sights a little to my own preference. But after that I was hitting bullseye with a tight group around it at 5-7 yards. Overall I was very happy with my c9 and I look forward to taking it back to the range and running another 100 through it. I hope everyone has as much fun shooting their hipoint as I had with mine!! I would definitely recommend them to a friend.
  2. they are great guns despite what some say. you could purchase a new 500 dollar gun and have just as much trouble. long as your having fun and shooting safe, i say wear it out. i do with my 45 as much as possible!!!!

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    Glad to hear that everything went well. Keep us informed on how well it does over time and any other mods you do to it. Or chime in on any subject that interests you. I have found this to be a fun forum.
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    Cool! Shooting should be fun. Congrats on the purchase!