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Great Movie Lines (From The Last Ten Years)

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We all know about the classic movie lines but what are the more recent great movie lines? Say within the last ten years.
I will start off with my most recent:

Movie - Eagle Eye

Character - Agent Thomas Morgan (Billy Bob Thornton)

Quote - "If you're staring at me, it better be because I'm the g_d___ suspect. If not, get back to work or I swear you're all demoted to something that involves touching s__t with your hands!"
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Re: Great Movie Lines

Tombstone (and there too many in this one movie)

Johnny Ringo: My fight's not with you, Holliday.
Doc Holliday: I beg to differ, sir. We started a game we never got to finish. "Play for Blood," remember?
Johnny Ringo: Oh that. I was just foolin' about.
Doc Holliday: I wasn't.
Re: Great Movie Lines

Movie - Team America, World Police

Character - Kim Jong Il

Line - "Why is everyone so f%#$^# stupid?"
Oh man, thanks for reminding me about that movie, I think I'll go watch it now...F%#$ YEAH!
Re: Great Movie Lines

Simpsons Movie

Marge Simpson: "How did the pig tracks get on the ceiling?"
[cuts to Homer holding a pig to the ceiling]
Homer Simpson: singing tune to Spider-Man Theme Song Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig. Does whatever a Spider-Pig does. Can he swing from a web? No he can't, cause he's a pig. Look out! He is the Spider-Pig!
1 - 3 of 96 Posts
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