Great Price on 995 Mags

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Grizzfan, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. Since my Camo 995 came NIB with only one magazine, I thought I should look around for some more. Hi-Point's current prices with shipping is $20 per.

    Shopped the net and found TGSCOM, total price was $50.04 for 3 of them with shipping. With the 10 bucks I saved I can buy another box of ammo!!

    Edit: Go to $14.03 per magazine.

  2. Troller98

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    I clicked the link to find more Hi-Point stuff, it sent me to a site "Hi-Point Pro". Looks like you can order pistols and carbines from them, has anyone heard of/dealt with them? I have been looking for a C9 but have yet to find one locally, their prices seemed good. I might have to look into them further.
  3. vallen

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    Direct from HiPoint they are $17 shipping included....
    why would you pay $23+ shipping????
  4. Ridge

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    I paid $36 to have two shipped to me...which was actually the price for a pair on GB right now, before, it could be more than from HP, or less...its so hard to keep track of the price, with everybody having a different story about whether or not shipping is included in their price....I still need to send back my exploded mag...maybe i'll get lucky and they'll send me another one back like Ive heard they do....which will leave me with 4 new mags :)
  5. vallen

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    HP does not charge shipping.
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    Painfully slow site for me. But hey, at least I can experience a rush of nostalgia as I watch the pages load at dial-up speeds!
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    Ok, am I missing something?

    Call HP direct. It's cheaper by $1.95 each, not to mention, you are cutting out the middle man.

    If you want to spend more money on a painfully slow e-tailer you have never heard of before, by all means, go for it.
  8. Huggy

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    You can get a break if you order a few.
    Direct from HP 5 mags at $17 a pop would bring you to $85.
    From TGS, 5 mags at $14.03 each + shipping comes to $79.10.
    With a bulk buy, you could make out pretty good, but I'd rather stick with stuff direct from HP, since I probably won't be making any bulk mag purchases. Looks like HP is giving them a break if they can sell them that cheap. I wonder what HPs dealer prices are like. :shock:
  9. I didn't call Hi-Point but looked on their website. The price the other night on the web was $20 each including shipping. For 3 that would equal $60.

    The slow site, charged me $50.04 for three, shipped. That makes them $16.68 each. Not much of a difference but enough to make me buy somewhere else. As I said before I used Hi-Point's site for this information and didn't call them.
  10. Ridge

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    Im pretty upset with the guys in OP's link. I ordered more than a week ago, and havent had a single communication from them since then, despite sending an email asking for order status.
  11. As "unscarred" said.........$17.00 for HP015.

    I purchased this past summer 2 mags with one I ended up returning because the spring/seat was sticking. Got a replacement in about a week.
    MAYBE it's me, but I thought HP would have sent me an "extra" mag to cover My shipping for sending back the defective mag.?

  12. My guess is that it didnt cost as much for you to send back a mag as compaired to sending back a package large enough to have a weapon in it is why they didnt give you another mag.

    They can only be generous to a certain point, after that they are working their way to bankrupcy
  13. Since so many people are looking for "inexpensive" mags... has anyone thought about setting up a "Group Buy". Talk to Hi Point and see if we can get them for cheap if we commit to buy lets say 100 or 200.

    If the price was 10 or 12 bucks, I'd be willing to buy 50 bucks worth.
  14. Ridge

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    That'd be nice.

    I got an email this afternoon with a tracking number from TGS.
  15. Ridge

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    Mags showed up today...pretty fast delivery once you threaten em with a chargeback :)

    They look new, still in original baggies...