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  1. Bought a used 995 9mm Hi-Point carbine a couple months ago at a gunshow.

    Just finally got around to putting on the ATI stock I got for Christmas...the barrel shroud and TruGlo 40 mm red dot.

    But upon taking it apart both receiver cover bolts were messed up...
    One the threaded end where the holding nut goes on was stripped...the other...completely broke off.

    Needless to say I was very bummed (Hi-Point looks very cool with all the stuff on it) but it sucks not having it completed because of the receiver bolts.

    I contacted Hi-Point via email Monday and got a reply last night telling me to contact the factory and gave me a number to call.

    I called the number...told a very friendly service rep what I needed...she took down my name/address and said the bolts and nuts would be on there way at no charge...


    The bolts/nuts got here the very next day!
    Even sent an extra!
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    Hi-point kicks ass dont they? They sent me a new firing pin in like 2 days. I am real impressed with them.

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    It is very unlikely that you will ever experience another bolt failure, but in a pinch in the middle of a zombie attack, thanks to the simple design and construction of the 995 a trip to the nearest hardware store will get you back in business. Bolts is bolts and parts is parts. Store bought won't be a perfect match and will look less 'pretty', but they will function.
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