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    My wife bought me a Groupon training day at a place in Farmington, MO, about 90 miles southwest of St. Louis. I attended with a friend last Sunday. The place is called Asymmetric Solutions, and they have 1800 acres, several ranges, and different training areas. The instructors are mostly former military, some special forces, etc. They do training for police, private security, etc, and civilians. The class I took was called "Navy Seal Training", but it was really a self defense with a handgun class. The Groupon was about $160 and the class is normally around $300.
    There were 32 people in the class, ranging from a 16yo kid who was dangerous when he started that day, to a couple of LEO's, some former military, and everything in between, including one woman who was 62. There were no Rambo types in the class or teaching the class.
    Anyway, the first part of the class was all dry fire, pistol safety, getting familiar with the pistol, etc. We learned to draw from OWB the way they wanted us to, then simulated a "threat" in front of us, a threat to the right, left and behind us, using the techniques that they teach. We also went to a building without a roof that can simulate a home, office building, school, etc. and learned to defend ourselves in a bedroom, to use a method called "pie-ing" to locate a threat on the other side of the door and how to use cover and defend against a threat on the other side of a barrier. The second part of the day was live.
    The class was 8 hours long. It was great. The main thing I learned that day was how unprepared I am to face a real threat. They teach people to do things in a way that I haven't seen, but makes an incredible amount of sense. The guy I went with regularly trains in martial arts and firearms with a guy who teaches law enforcement and types like that, and my friend was very impressed with the class. We both want to go back for more training, and are willing to pay full price to go.
    If any of you are interested, I highly recommend this place. While this particular class is basic, if someone were to practice what they teach there, the person would be far more prepared to deal with a situation requiring self defense with a pistol than most bad guys would be ready for.

    Check them out, they have all kinds of training, from basic, to shooting out of moving vehicles.
    One of the coolest things I saw, was how much the kid that started off dangerous that day, improved by the end of the day. There were 4 instructors for our group, and they watched everyone, and helped everyone.
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    Ahh yes, slicing the pie on corners and doorways. You can practice in a full length mirror at home to really see what your exposure is.

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    My favorite example of slicing-the-pie comes from...

    wait for it...

    Star Wars!

    Remember when the Death Star was hunting down on the Rebel Base on the moon but the planet was in the way? The Rebels had a "graphic" of the planet blocking the Death Star and wedges appear as the Death Star clears the planet bit by bit.


    Yes, I can "nerd it up" even when talking about tactics. It's a gift. ;)

    Peace favor your sword,

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    Here's a graphic for pieing.

    Sometimes I love being a nerd. ;)

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