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  1. I've got to give high praise to and Moerse Lekker Sales. Both were very easy to deal with accepting my on-line PayPal payments and both followed up with prompt email to acknowledge the transaction and provide shipping info.

    All products arrived quickly in excellent as-new condition and I'm pleased with everything I've bought.

    As an on-line retailer myself (M/C parts), I can only wish that my own operation was so professionally run.

    But as I say: I offer Price, Quality & Service. Pick any two. :D
  2. took longer to ship than I expected but otherwise great service. Their prices were among the best around plus you can't beat the discount.

  3. It looks like you ordered on Saturday Dec. 8 at 8:37 pm. I sent it out Monday Dec. 10. I'll try harder next time. :lol:
  4. Don't make any excuses. As you pointed out, I ordered during the start of the holiday mailing rush.

    There's many reasons why it may have taken longer, but the pricing alone would make me a repeat customer...there may be 10/22 parts coming in the future.
  5. It should have gotten to you quicker than that. I have sent a Priority Mail package out Saturday morning to California and the customer received it on Monday.

    The overall average is pretty good, but every once in a while something goofy will happen.
  6. For what it's worth, Monday Dec. 10th was the busiest day of the year for the US Postal Service in terms of package handling. Wed. Dec. 12th for UPS.
  7. Interesting.
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    Now you gotta start making carbine scabbards for our Triumphs.
    I want mine with a flap over and cinch so it cant slip out.
  9. I received four more 10rn 995 mags today. I ordered them on Tuesday from BeeMiller for $68 to my front door. Not bad at all. So far, I count my 995 as one of my best purchases in quite some time.

    Of course now I've jinx'd the damn thing. :D