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  1. PapaMAS

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    Here I go again - I'm thinking I'm gonna give in and get a 4595TS with a forward grip. I have a red dot already set aside for it, and I want to hang a laser (hopefully green) and flashlight on it as well. I like the idea of a combo - are there any you guys like or any I should particularly avoid?
  2. planosteve

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    You are getting the only thing you really need, the 4595.

  3. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    I don't have lasers or lights on my guns, I had a light on my 4595 but I broke it. I think a laser might work for point shooting but until I try one out I don't know if they are worth the investment.
  4. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Ive found that unless i'm shooting in very low light, a green laser if very hard to see. A red laser in much more visible in normal conditions, at least for my eyes.
  5. Django

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    I had a Viridian C5L laser light combo but they cost as much as your rifle. I loved it. It felt like I was cheating. I had to let it go when I ran in to a financial hickup. I think lasers are fun but unnecessary. I do have a tlr-4 on my HD gun but I'm more in to red/green dots now, mainly because my eyes aren't what they used to be.
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    I have a green laser mounted on a 38 special revolver and it works great. Its visible in bright sunlight up to about 50 feet. Longer if you are pointing it at a dark surface. It uses the larger cr123 battery and has outside adjustable turrets. $25 at Amazon.

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  7. Dane

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    For me green shows up better than red in any light conditions.
  8. PapaMAS

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    Yes, but I gotta accessorize! :D