Greer, SC... Not the place to buy a C9

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    I was in a gun shop called "Blue Ridge Shooting Sports"
    Blue Ridge Shooting Sports
    105 Hunt St
    Greer, SC 29650
    Phone: (864) 801-0074
    I was very pleased with the layout of the store... rifles and shotguns on one side, pistols on the opposite, cash register in the middle of the rear of the store. I especially loved seeing everyone in the place open carrying. It shows that they are not afraid to sell firearms or exercise their 2nd amendment. (Check out the vinyl sign on their front window!)

    Here's a pic of the front door, some chicks hanging out with Fred Thompson:
    They man i dealt with was nice enough to do some investigation into if he could or could not order me a Cobra Patriot 45acp... stainless. My normal FFL dealer said he could not sell anything Cobra produced, including the Stainless Steel Slide/Barrel w/ polymer frame Patriot series.
    The man at Blue Ridge Shooting Sports said that the Patriot was the only Cobra pistol he could sell, and would be happy to order me one. I was short on time, asked for a card (It's an Ace of Spades on 1 side, with the shop's info on the opposite side) and told him i'd be in touch. I will.

    While he was calling distributers, checking laws, and looking through his "banned ring-of-fire list" (BTW only FFLs can have theses, and it's illegal as hello to give a copy to someone who isn't an FFL dealer) I gandered over to an oh-too-familiar Hi-Point C9... 2 of them, hanging all pretty up on the pegboard, sitting nice and comfy beside a FN FiveSeven, Springfield XD45, Takarov pistol, and a Keltec p32.

    Why is this not the place to buy a Hi-Point, You ask? The price tag read: "$179.99+tax"... tax is 10% on pistols here (IIRC) so add $18 to $180, and you have yourself a $198 C9... or for you anal folk that's a $197.99 C9. ;) Just a heads-up to any Upstate SC folk who may be looking for a C9... steer clear of this place. If you want anything else however, this IS the place to go!

    I even played "gun snob"... "Why do you have those pot metal guns hanging up there with REAL pistols?" his response: "For being a gun under $200, you can't beat them. I've never had one come back for repair, or heard of any problems. I've gotten rave reviews on those pistols, and It's hard to keep them in stock." I told him I was just checking him out, as there were some total snobs out there who have absolutely no experience, but would throw a name in the dirt on a whim.

    I also asked a customer in the store who was walking out with a ATI 995 stock and spare MAGAZINE holders if he had joined the Hipointfirearmsforums yet. He replied not yet, but i plan to.
    Hopefully one day I'll get around to making some forum business cards, that way It will be easier to tell the good HP-lovin' folks about us.

    Well, that's that.
  2. I was under the impression that SC had the 800 degree rule, and that HP pistols were therefore illegal. I don't live there, so take that with a grain of salt, but it might explain why they're hard to find. As for the ones on the wall -- who knows?

    On the same note, I see that my home state, Illinois, has the same rule (for pistols only). So -- any Illinois residents: is that true? can you get the carbines but not the pistols?

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    I went in to get a Cobra Patriot .45 ordered... not a HP.
    My normal FFL dealer was firm on his "They are not legal" stance... but this guy at Blue Ridge said that the Patriot was the only Cobra Pistol legal for sale in SC, and therefor, next month I will make my order with him. ;) I'm sure any Polymer used in firearms would melt well below 800ºF... just my $.02
  4. Strangerous: the 800 degree rule usually states that it specifically applies to _metal_ frames, slides, etc. It's hosed to all get out, but it's aimed at Zamac firearms, not at "good" firearms like Glocks with polymer frames. Just undependable, dangerous pieces of dreck like, oh, you know, HPs :)
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    I know it's bunk, but my normal fella doesn't want me to support him by buying through him... so i will gladly give my funds AND future business to another willing gent... +1 To Blue Ridge Shooting Sports - Greer, SC!