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greetings from Va

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Hey everyone I am so happy to have found this site. I just got a .45 JH yes, thats right, JH. I didnt know it was that old my friend sold it to me after having it for 10 years i just found out. i Have had it for about a week now and cant put it down. People say that its ugly but I LOVE it. It is so big and imposing it will probably stop people in their tracks before I even have to shoot. I haven't had a chance to use it due to it needing a firing pin. I searched everywhere in my area the shops around here made it seem like I wanted them to lick an AIDS patients wounds when I said it was a Hi-point. Finally a shop told me to call the company. I did, and when they said oh its free and on the way I fell in love. I am going to tell everyone I know about this company and after all the info I have picked up, this website.
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:welcome: Yes HP is a great company with great firearms and even greater CS. Take a look around and enjoy the site. Oh yea, its pretty great too. Glad to have you here.
Welcome to the forum!! Enjoy your stay!
Welcome to the forum from TN. Congratulations on having a great gun. Our favorite gun company will stand behind their products 100%. But you already found that out.
:welcome: from Ohio
:welcome: From SC
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