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    I have been a firearms guy for a long time and never thought about purchasing a Hipoint. Saw the review by Hickcock45 on the carbine and had to try one. Took to the range yesterday and shot 150 rounds of various ammo. First round of 10 shots 1 inch group at 25 yards. Love this carbine. No issues.
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    Welcome to the forum!!

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    Welcome Sgt, lot of knowledge hiding here, not just guns either.
  4. Howdy SGT1 from western side of Missouri.
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    It's kinda fun here:)
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    welcome - this is the right place to be
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    Welcome . The carbines are a blast to shoot. Love mine. Now getting things to dress it up .
  8. Welcome
    Interesting it was the hickock45 review that prompted my purchase as well
    I also have been pleased
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    Welcome to the forum from ND home to the insane and awesome at the same time