Grendel P12 question

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  1. well......if I remember correctly, the problem with Grendel is that they are no longer being manufactured.

    Consequently, if you buy this pistol, you might be on your own if something breaks.....if you can live with that, then it might be a good deal since they appear to be the "original" Kel-Tec, or it might not if it breaks on your first trip to the range.

    Good luck.

  2. neothespian

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    I just saw one of these Grendel .380 pistols and was instanty attracted to it's "Blade Runner" meets Kel-Tec looks. BUT, here's the weird stuff:

    -Full polymer frame (Not so weird, obviously here) combined with a footprint that is about the same size as a Raven .22

    -INTERNAL magazine that you top load like an SKS, M1, M44, etc that holds 11 rounds.

    -Double action, with no appearant saftey. Scary yet interesting at the same time.

    -LONG...and I mean L-O-N-G trigger pull. Longer than my old Taurus 66.

    -A trigger guard that you could get a fully gloved finger into.

    -And, about 14 ounces fully loaded.

    There's a pawnshop offering one for $130 here in Flag, which might seem steep in the rest of the world but remember Arizona is the home of gun price gouging, and I have a 10 buck credit at the shop. I'm VERY intrigued by it. Granted I wouldn't be interested in a Hi-Point .380, but a .380 in something the size of a .22 Saturday Night Special would have some wicked punch, and it seems to of been the pet project of one of the developers of Kel-Tec.

    Am I crazy for considering this? I would love a more compact pistol, but NOT big on .22LR for a pistol round. While weak as a standard handgun round, as a BUG, the .380 might fit in just fine in this slot.
  3. Uraijit

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    My dad has a P30. It shoots .22 Mag, and holds 30 rounds in the magazines. Freaking sweet gun that's fun and relatively cheap to shoot. It looks like something out of a bad 80's scifi. But it' really reliable.

    If the P12 is anything like the P30, I'd say it would be worth every penny of $130.
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    I own two of the Grendel .380 pistols and I have taken them out of the safe in many moons. The early production models were real POS total junk, then the company did some refining and the last production models were decent little BUG's with the right ammo. They can not take any real fouling or pocket fuzz and have to be Grease lubed to run right but for a last ditch dump gun that was carried a lot and shot little it was OK if the cost was under $100.00 new.
  5. neothespian

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    Is it wrong to like "Aliens"-esque 80's styling? If it is, then I don't wanna be right!

    Perhaps it's why I love the 995 so much....
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    I used to own a Grendel P-12 about 12 years ago. I owned it for all of two weeks.

    Friend of mine came over to check it out and had an accidental discharge. He'd been handling firearms for over 20 years at that point and was very careful. I'd had a round in the chamber and he went to rack the slide back. The slide slipped out of his hands less than half way back, sending the firing pin into the primer setting the round off. His finger was not on the trigger and he had luckily aimed the gun into my clothes basket and the round didn't make it into the floor or through the floor into the people downstairs.

    I decided this was probably a fluke (I hadn't owned but one firearm before this and was new to handguns). So I took the gun out to my range (my dad's house) to fire the gun for the first time. Jam-o-matic. It would stovepipe every other round and sometimes it would throw out an extra round after ejecting the spent casing. This was caused by the feed lips on the magazine.

    Oh, and did I mention this was a NEW gun? I traded that thing off immediately and never looked back.

    I really wanted that gun because of the looks and it fit my hands well, but it wasn't reliable in any way and had safety issues.

    I wouldn't buy it, but then again I may have had a bad one and am now jaded against Grendel.