Grey CF380?!?!?

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  1. I went to the Big Town gunshow yesterday-- I saw an odd thing--

    A Grey polymer framed CF380-- I picked it up-- it was identical in every way, except the lower polymer frame was grey--light grey at that-- I scratched on it, and it appeared to be grey all they way through--

    Anypne have info on this?

    I wanted to buy it, but I think he wanted like $220 or so for it
  2. hmmm..... not sure if this a something new or perhaps and old venture that didnt pan out but its definatly interesting, especially if its a new option.

    I would like to see a od green C9 myself. Like the color better than matt black.

    As far as a grey C9... well I would have to get the old Civil War re-enactin uniform out and then I would be "fit fer action". Dont think them boys in blue would like it much, but who ask em anyway. :)

  3. That is interesting. I've never seen anything about a grey hi-point either.

    I still prefer the basic black. If it can't be shiny metallic, it needs to be black.

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    I saw one Sunday AM [a 380 with grey on the frame] it appears to be an older one as the guy was gonna have to do some work on it [the screws holding the grips were rusted] and it really needed a good cleaning also very cruddy inside.
  5. i seen one matching that description at a gun show about month back
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    I think its an older model of the .380 there was one online but i am having trouble locating it. all i remember is the page was black and it was mistakenly labeled as a Phoenix HP22a

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  8. [​IMG]

    That really makes that .380 look sharp!
  9. I wouldn't mind seeing some different colors available. I'm thinking about buying another Walther P-22 in a different color right now.

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    You mean like Glockman's pretty pink Glock? :wink: :lol:
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  12. SUUUUUUUUUUUURE they are!!! :wink: :wink:

    If all my friends were looking, I'd say the same thing..... :D

    Love ya Gman!!! Happy Thanksgiving!! 8)
  13. Oh I think color is great on a gun, even pink. maybe not the whole thing pink, but that little stripe down the slide. That wouldn't treeibly un-manly.
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    My Hi-Point CF.380 has a grey frame. I bought it back in 96.
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    Can you post photo of it?