Grips for Hi-Points

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  1. GoVols

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    Who has added anything to the Hi-Point grips to help with slippage in sweaty palms? I was just looking on Hogue's website and didn't find anything.

    What about aftermarket grips? Can I purchase some rubber grips somewhere?

  2. Jagerbomber

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  3. People have also used pieces cut from bicycle innertubes and spray on rubber undercoating
  4. eBay is a great place, but I think you'd do a little better at or and they have the same items as on the auction.
  5. GoVols

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    Installed a Hogue today

    Today I installed a Hogue on my CF-380...haven't shot it yet, but like the feel of it so far.

  6. Heres what I did to my Hp .40... [​IMG] I used grip tape from my local hardware store, It has a totaly differant feel to it. I havent shot it yet with the new grips but it feels very good in my hand.
  7. That looks like skateboard grip tape. Looks cool.
  8. I used the non-skid tape on my ruger p95 and p345 and I really like it over the houge grip sleave I used to have
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    Hogue handall
  10. Bicycle tubes, some with a piece cut and inserted laterally to make a finger ridge around the front side of the handle. Looks cheap but works. Also use Hogue on others. The tape looks neat, I just can bring myself to "stick" something to my guns. Many have stippled their handles too - this is pretty popular with the M&P crowd.
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    I didn't think eBay was allowing any gun related items on their sight any more.

    Are they allowing gun stuff now?
  12. Some gun parts are still allowed, they only banned the parts that are necessary for a gun to fire, such as a barrel, I think
  13. Jagerbomber

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    Well i know they at least sell those Hogue an OD green universal for my 9mm comp this morning, wife got it off ebay...i likes it.....thinking of maybe sanding those stripes down the side that I have seen some on here polish and paint them up in OD green to match the grip...cant decide if it would look good but it sounds good in my head. What do ya think?
  15. pitzie

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    grips for small hands?

    I've got the opposite problem from some of the other posters here--I've got small hands. I'm thinking about getting a slip-on grip, maybe a Hogue universal for my C9, 'cause the inside base of my thumb gets a bit sore after alot of shooting. Do you think the Hogue would help with that, and if so, is it hard to get on?

    By the way, I'm new here and have only had my Hi-Point for about a week. Only had it out to the range once so far, but I'm happy with it!
  17. rodka

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    tennis tape also works in a pinch and feels pretty good.
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    Well I don't have a problem with sweaty palms, but does anyone know a good grip for hairy plams? :lol:

  19. hpman

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    Hogue handall large. The small one only has one finger groove.
  20. rodka

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    shock therapy. :wink: