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    I've had a couple HP pistols but this is my first carbine. Seems to shoot pretty good, I'm having some issues with it feeding my hand loads, too long I think. Rounds are getting jammed nose up and the nose of the next round is getting jammed down.

    My real issue is how uncomfortable the grip is for me. I've got big hands with short fingers. I think I'm out of luck on reaching the mag release with my firing hand but my hand gets fatigued when firing.

    Is there enough meat in that grip to slim it down? Specifically the raised portion about where the mag release is? Seems awful thick for that little single stack magazine but is it solid? I don't want to start sanding it down and find out it's hollow.
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    Welcome Bronco, from the Great southwest!
    I don't have that problem, I actually put a Handal grip sleeve on my 4595ts. I'm sure someone here will have ebcountered your problem and remedied it. Fear not.

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    :welcome: Bronco Mike!

    I have looked at the inside of the grips, and they have fins that make the narrow
    magazines contact the inner "walls". Not exactly hollow, but not to where you could
    trim down as much of the outside of the grips as you might think. So "Bad News"?
    Possibly, but I believe you could go ahead and trim down the grip, and get it where
    you like. If it breaks thru, you could use the plastic putty or JB Weld like some do for
    building up the rear where they convert over to AR and Folding Stocks. Either should
    be fine in the grip area, but do each half separate so the carbine can still be disassembled.
    I actually believe you might get the size you want without breaking thru, these inner
    "fins" do not appear to be very deep, but I'd take it apart and measure first. Use a
    depth gauge to get an idea of how much you are working with. LongShot MFG
    and others sell over-sized mag release buttons, that could be an easier solution...

    Hope to see you around the boards!
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    I too have large hands ( can palm a basketball), the grips on my carbine are fine-- but that mag release button is a real PITA. I can't reach it with firing hand either--even with my big bear paws. This is the only fault I've found with mine. It shoots great, handles well. Have fired over 500 rds of my reloads (both cast and jacketed bullets) thru it so far without a single hiccup. Check your OAL on your finished ammo-- must be a tad long if they're jamming as you described.
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    So I took my stock apart, I was going to paint it anyway and there's a fair amount of plastic where that bump is so I trimmed it down with a Dremel and then sanded by hqnd. I was too chicken to get rid of it completely but it's mostly gone. Took it down a little where my trigger finger rides too and it fits my hand much better. Painted it and got rid of the springs on the butt pad too, just filled the slots with JB Weld clay and drilled holes for the cross bolts. Worked out great. Threw an old BSA red dot on it and hit the range. Managed to loose the mag release spring but found a suitable replacement. I've just been practicing using my support hand to run the mag release.

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    Welcome from ND!
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    NE Utah
    That's my solution as well. It works for me.

    Good job on the grip shave, it's good seeing a guy just jump in and try, too many folks these days want to just buy a fix, and whine if there isn't one available.;)
  8. I checked all my semi autos with a mag thumb release. The only two I can reach without shifting my grip are the High Point, and Glock. The only one I can actuate without shifting is the HP. Even my small PA-63 I shift grip slightly. This is the way it is probably for most people, when the 1911 was designed the average height was probably not over 5' 10". On the 1911 I cannot reach the mag release unless shifting grip slightly.

    Do you chrono your loads? To mild a load in a semi auto can cause feeding problem. High Points tend to like stronger loads.
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    Yeah, I haven't ran any over the chronograph with the hi point but they're 115gr and doing right at 1000fps from my XD subcompact. They're not hot but not light either. They're loaded at the longer end of spec though, that's how my xd likes them so I suspect that is the issue.

    I shift my grip to some degree, like you sugested but it requires removing the stock from my shoulder with the carbine, faster to just use my off hand. I'm not a "tactical " type but I compete in a few matches locally. Once I have some more mags, I'll use it in a multi gun match. Shot that match with a SKS and side by side shotgun once. No chance of winning but it really irritates the guys you do beat when you shoot low buck equipment.