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This guy I work with keeps bugging me to sell a GSG-5 on Gunbroker. My first response was why don't you just do it? He claims he this and he that, so whatever. Since I have never heard of the GSG-5 I do a search. Turns out that they can be had all day long for around $450 on GB.

Now my co-worker insists that all of the garbage he bolted on the gun is worth X amount. He wants me to start the auction at 0.01 and have a reserve of $600.00 and a buy it now of $750.00. I don't even want to post it at these prices only to end up a laughing stock on GB.

I was like... OK man, but are you sure about that?

This guy is the type that just doesn't understand economics 101. He thinks that just because he bought it new 6 months ago and bolted on all this new stuff then shot 500 rounds through it, he can still say "Like new" and get NEW price for all of it, and that someone will buy his over priced gun instead of another thrifty deal on GB.

Should I convince him to break it all down and sell the rifle in original configuration, and then offer all the other accessories in separate auctions? I think he might be able to recoup some of his money this way and maybe more than if he tried to sell it as one unit.


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All of the "garbage" he bolted on more than likely came from the airsoft crowd anyways, which tends to be the norm with the GSG, the parts(forend and grip) are quality parts, machined from steel. That forend can go for $100, and the grip is another ~$20 or so. The laser is junk....

The knock off CQ/T scope is probably junk too, who knows though. It might be a genuine Leopold scope.

Knowing that there are atleast 500 rounds through the gun, it's got the full size stock, and hopefully one mag. I'd give him $400 for it right now, shipped to my FFL.

But only $100 if he don't have the read sight drum.
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