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  1. Haven't seen any threads (recently) on this, so thought I'd bring it up. Saw one at the range the other day... man that thing is nice. Cheap to shoot to!


    Not bad for $500. Not often I drool over something... this may bump my SKS off the "next to buy" list.
  2. neothespian

    neothespian Member

    What. The. HELL!?!?!

    Is that DUAL .22 mags? I don't get it.

    Time to research...

  3. Strangerous

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    Roger that.
  4. Ridge

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    Good stuff it is...I know you need 2 tax stamps if you get the can...if you dont get the can, what is the barrel length? Figure if you already gotta pay for it, might as well go for the stub barrel...
  5. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Guest

    i believe the mags are only linked together they dont actually both go into the gun at the same time nor feed it.

    load one mag, empty it, then shift over for the 2nd mag.

    i've never had the chance to look at one of these in person.. would'nt mind having one but i'd have to SBR it i think.. the fake suppressor looks gay but its' there to cover up the legal min barrel length.
  6. Lex

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    How accurate was it? I am on a waiting list for one. $499. Trying to decide between this or an AR-15 .22 upper. Of course I have to get a lower first, but I am planning on that. I have to stop looking for new guns to buy. I am going broke! :shock:
  7. Well, the guy shooting it was pretty darn good (he was getting tight groups with everything he was shooting), but it seemed to be spot on (he let a first time shooter use it, and it got pretty decent groupings).
  8. neothespian

    neothespian Member

    Looks pretty cool, but at $499 it's a bit much for a .22 in my opinion. I'm still going for my bullpup 10/22 project...eventually.
  9. I can't describe what it felt like to HOLD the thing man. It was like I was holding an MP5... it may be a knock off, but it's the best darn knock off I've ever felt. You know you're holding a 10/22 when you hold one, no matter what you do to it... this felt like the real thing. It even had me fooled at first.
  10. duker_sponk

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    I may have to partake in one of these in a few months when I gather up funds to do so. They look neat.
  11. elguapo

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    It is a .22lr.
    Primal got to hold/fondle one while I looked on.
    And no, no class 2 stuff needed with that shooter. It is a training piece for those folks who deal with MP5s....

    And plinkers...if you have the cash.
  12. I got the business card of one of the blokes that builds those things... What do you want to know about it? :wink:

    Oh, and they also make triple mags for those things too.... 3 mags side by side, you just transfer the mag stations... You can also put 2 of those 3 mags groups upside down to each other and tape them together and have 6 total.... Holding it to the shoulder really feels good, but it's a bit unstable, even with the bipod. Actually firing it might be a bit different, but from what I can tell, it's build "economically" and not for acutal heavy use.

    Honestly, buy a Ruger 10/22 and a conversion stock and have some fun, this gun really isn't worth the price tag.
  13. Silicon Wolverine

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    im on the list for one as well but the guy at atlantic said 6-8 weeks before any more are imported.

  14. SW, honestly, and with all due respect, you must have more money to just absolutely throw away, This gun is NOT worth the price tag... I'd buy something much more worthwhile for half the money, and be ahead of the ball game in the long run. Just my $0.02...
  15. Fenix

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    Converting a 10/22 into one would cost about the same though, so the price isn't all that bad for a professionally built rifle. I would like one, but I'd rather take a 995. :wink:
  16. To each their own... by the way, you can put H&K parts in it (the guy I was with had), and he was getting the stamp to make it a SBR and what not. If I had the money, and had to choose between that and either a new GLOCK or an SKS, K31, and another M44... I'd pick the GSG-5 :).
  17. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Guest

    i just wish they would start making the hk94 again.

    i agree 500 is a bit much esp after i hear it's not a solid build.. 300 sounds better to me.
  18. Ridge

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    If I had the cash, I'd buy it in a heartbeat...think of the looks you'd get at the range :)
  19. jason865

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    I like it, and wouldnt mind having one. The 10/22 bull pup kits dont look as nice as this one in my opinion and the price is going to run close to the same when it is all said and done. I already have a 10/22 but a tactial style .22 to play with sounds like a blast to me.

    edit: found this, looks cool to me 8)

  20. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    reasons to own a GSG-5

    1. Its made by HK
    2. Its not a 10/22- everybody has one of those
    3. Some parts interchange with MP5 parts
    4. its DIFFERENT- and that is GOOD