Guardian Angels - Helpful Or Harrasment

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    That's the link. And While they sound like a great group of people, everything I've read and seen on them has been negative. I've seen them do a cameo on COPS a couple times and usually the situation is them using excessive force on someone who did nothing wrong. In one situation recently shown on COPS, the group was patrolling a trailor park and when a gentleman arrives and proceeds to his home, the group confronts him demanding to see proof he lives there in the form of a bill or a rental contract. First thing I think is "who the hell carries that on them" Well the guy tells them he lives there but doesn't have to show them crap. Well they shove the guy back when he tries to walk by them telling him he's trespassing and to leave or else. Well some words are exchanged and he tries to walk by them again and he's knocked back again. This point the guy pulls a wrench or something (he's a mechanic or something like that) to defend himself. Well the group circles him and proceeds to beat the tar out of this guy to the point that he has a seizure (result of a medical condition brought that was triggered by the beating). Onces he's beaten, bloody, and seizuring, they then handcuff him claiming citizens arrest. Cops arrive, release the man from the cuffs, have the medics and clean him up. I don't care who these guys are, if I was confronted in such a manner, someone would have ended up either dead or in jail. I would have not provided them with any personal information. And once physical force was used to block me, thing would have gotton ugly really fast. In his exact situation, I would have been moving out of the trailor park into my new house as I would have sued every one of them and they would be buying me my new house in a nicer area.

    I agree what these guys are TRYING to do is good, but they are taking the law into their own hands and then taking it way to far. Every time I've seen them on TV it has been in a negative light. To me, they are simply mall ninjas who old and fat. I wish their group was as they claim to be, but alas they are not in the cases I have seen. Has anyone here had any experiences that are of a good nature?

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    As far as I've heard they don't resort to physical violence more like the call the cops This may have been just a rouge group doing that When they first started out they were critized as well but the Police have learned to use them as ell as train some of them I think what they do IS important BUT if they go to far that is no good as well

  3. Just remember that 90% of what you see on TV is BS and is touting someone's party line...and probably not anyone in favor of self defense through any means.

    I've always heard good things about them in regards to college campuses. A friend of my dad's son was part of the organization on Western Michigan University's campus. However his seemed to be more of a deal where girls would call up a number and arrange for one of the members to meet them at their school building at night and walk them back to their dorms or cars.
  4. In high crime inner city area's the Guardian Angles have helped people take their streets back from the dope pushing gang bangers. I am sure some get bad exposure from poor judgment but I think overall what they do is good for the area's they work in. Think of it as a neighborhood watch program that takes a proactive stance in keeping the area they live in a little safer for the little old ladies and young kids who have no where else to play.

  5. vigilante... justice! *pumps fist*
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    I'm all for people that take back the streets from dope dealers, trailer parks with gangs, gangs in general, and many other situations that call for it, but if someone came up to me at my own house and demanded that for no reason, I'd have pulled a gun and killed someone in that situation and would've had the right to. Thats crap beating someone that badly, but restraining them and arresting them until the police make it there is at least a viable option. That was just too far.
  7. IMO, they were dorks who were trying to be tough, and they had the numbers in their favor. THey had many options other then the route they chose in the situation I spoke of. Heck, they could have watched him unlock his front door with keys from his pocket, that sufficient enough in my mind.
  8. yeah that is kinda bull if some group of folks pulled that crap on some one who was armed and then (at least here in michigan) countinued to beat on him he would have every right to defend himself with his weapon but oh no then there would be a media storm of the century but these guys can beat on people and you dont here about it in the national news??? seems to me like somthing is up.
  9. I do not know a whole lot about the group, but you occasionally hear about trained police doing similar things, so it would not surprise me if it happens with these guys, even if the main purpose of the group is to do good.