Guess it's not just America...

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    Bolt gun?

    I was talking to a friend who teaches at a state college in TN. Their guards there are unarmed! "we're 8 blocks from the closest precinct" the president of the college has the say on arms. He will not allow armed security.

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    there was a thread on the S&W 15-22 forums a few weeka ago. A guy was trying to determine if his next purchase was gonna be a 9mm handgun (he had a Carry permit) or a 15-22.

    A guy from Canada jumped all over him and effectively said that's why the whole workd laughs at the USA cuz of all our gun violence. No one needs handguns, they are the "root of all the violence."

    Of course, he got some pretty angry responses and the thread got "modified". He got a short "time out."

    The Canadian guy, a few weeks earlier had described how he turned his 15-22 into a SBR by just replacing the barrel with a shorter "manufactured" version. He ripped on US laws and was a jerk about the whoe situation.

    Weeks later, another Canadian guy wanted to know where he got the "manufactured" shorter barrel cuz he hadn't been able to find one. Turns out the second Canadian guy was a LEO....

    Report I saw this morning was that a shotgun was used in the Canadian school shooting.
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    I see stupid people :foilhat:
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    What was that sayin??? When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns? Another successful Socialist state story :rolleyes:
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    Screw the whole bunch of canuck hypocrites!
    I mean the ones that do not like doing it OUR WAY,
    which is the Right Way ;) :D :cool:

    What part of "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" do they not understand??? :p
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    I thought the Race Baiter in Chief said that these things don't happen in other countries. Was he being disingenuous? I don't know what to think anyone.
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    It's a tragedy when it happens anywhere...

    It does show you that anyone who wants to cause harm will find a way... You don't need assault weapons.
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    The evil NRA must be stopped at all costs. The gun the guy used was obviously bought at a US gun show without a background check.
  10. I know there's a blizzard to cover, but if this had happened in the USA, media outlets would have led with this and the Crier-In-Chief would have told us if only we had gun laws like Canada this couldn't have happened. Since it happened there, we hear how it was because of the economy and social conditions and guns aren't the cause.
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    Outlaws will still have guns??? :eek: Darned, that means you and I will still have ours.
    We could wreak havoc! :D