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  1. I'm a gamer. have been since I was a kid. My interest didn't wain or waver as an adult either. I've played lots of games. I especially love first person shooters of course. I like all kinds of games but one game that just didn't look like I would like was Guitar Hero.
    Playing a plastic guitar while trying to keep in rhythm with multi-colored buttons on screen didnt seem like my cup of tea.
    Nonetheless when my friend got Guitar Hero 3 for his X-Box 360 this weekend he asked my to try it. "Sure, what the hell, I'll give anything a try once". I say to him. I grab up the guitar and choose "Slow Ride" by Foghat as my first song. I figure this is going to be a piece of cake.
    It ain't.
    It kicked my butt the first 5 times I tried to play it. But in doing I realized something....I had misjudged this game greatly. This game rocks!
    I was one of the kids who used to sit in his room and play air guitar all night to Guns'n Roses,and Led Zepplin and an endless number of other bands because I didn't have an once of real musical talent in my whole body. This game is like being a teenager with the air guitar, except you feel like you really are playing something.
    After I mastered "Foghat" I tried "Story of My Life" By Social Distortion
    (Great song BTW). It was actually a little bit easier but still if its your first time it'll put you through the ringer. Many many over great songs on there.
    All I can say is I hope my wife caught the hints of what i wanted for my birthday this month.
  2. Yeah, the Guitar Hero games are awesome :) They have the game Rock Band coming out this month as well, which incorporates drums, vocals and online play (though I think online may be in GH3 as well). I've still only got 2 for right now, but we'll see what Santa brings this year :p

  3. Yep GH3 does have online play but we didn't delve into it too much this weekend. I'm interested to see how Rock Band does. Theres going to be plenty of GH clones out there since they know it's a winning formula.
    Just like they did with Grand Theft Auto.
  4. Actually, Rock Band is from the same folks who made Guitar Hero 1 & 2, so not exactly a clone, but rather a logical progression for the company :)
  5. Ah, good point. I was not aware of that. :D
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    Social Distortion.....good choice in music, homie! Going to see them in December.
  7. Yeah they're great. I had their self titled album but i let a friend borrow it back in high school and never got it back.
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    Lending music to my nephew lost me most of my Led Zeppelin, and all of my Nine Inch Nails... :(
    Still need to rebuy those....and I dont lend out music or DVDs anymore.
    Sounds like a fun game though...
  9. Yeah, there's a select few people who I will lend any of my DVD's/CD's/Games/books to. I've lost more CD's and books than I can count over the last 10 years to people who have a real problem returning things! :x

    On the plus side, Rock Band is shaping up to be awesome, and GH3 seems to be carrying the torch well for the franchise, so that makes for a great Holiday season for us music game lovers :D
  10. I suck at GH! Fun tho

    I'll stick to fps's.
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    Im a frets on fire man myself.

  12. I absolutly hate that game. It's so stupid and pointless. You sit there and bang on a plastic guitar and look like an idiot. Rather sit and watch all the idiots getting into this waste of money as they make ridiculous faces while trying to play this stupid thing.

    Well that's what I thought for the first hour of watching friends play the original. I sat there drinking jack & coke for a bit then finally gave it a try after being bated into it and finally giving in thanks to a decent buzz comin on. Then I realized it was a blast and soon found myself making all the dumb faces myself.
  13. Oh, dude! It's a fantastic game to play with drinkin' buddies. After a couple bottles of Guinness Saturday I was making faces like Kirk Hammett used to make when he played guitar for Metallica. A great party game.
  14. gonna make me buy it now huh guys. ugh.

    Ive played it a tad on the ps2 and liked it. Might as well get it on the 360.
  15. Oh, I've already made it a point to VERY strongly hint around that I want it for my birthday this month to my wife. Which actually puts me in a bad position since I already made a big deal about Call of Duty 4.
    Decisions Decisions. :?
    My X-Box 360 is going to get a workout this fall I see.
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    I got lured into the game too.
    My friend got it early for 'christmas' and i just had to go over and see it.

    I was w/ the group who thought it was just a stupid copy of DDR. by the time my turn came around i had a good buzz going and since everyone before me really sucked for their first time low 20% i decided i was gonna just goof off.

    I start the song jumping around, then progress in to humping the guitar, and finishing an attempt to play w/ my teeth. Not only was everyone in the room on the floor laughing, but i had scored 87% my first time. I WAS A ROCK GOD THAT DAY!

    Then of course we NEEDED to play 2 player so i bought myself the thing Monday and have been playing way too much.
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  18. Tenacious D eat your heart out!

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    i wasnt big on the 3rd one. i knew like 5 songs. but 2, man i could play that for hours :D. literally.