gun auction experience?

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  1. anyone have experience with gun auctions ebay style? are they worth it? in my case the ffl dealer fees is what kills it. anyone done this? unless i find a c9 or a 380 for cheap and i mean cheap i will end up paying the same as a new one here locally, and thats if i find one. :cry:
  2. so far i haven't find any that's worth of while. you are right the ffl transfer fee is what kills it. though, i can understand if you know some ffl dealer that can do cheap( some of them charge only 10 buck, but i don't know any of them). or you are looking some thing rare and spacial. i'm looking for a new glock so i don't think i will have any luck on the auction places. though, from time to time i will try to search walther p38(the real one not part p4 part 38...etc), haven't find any reasonable price for me.

    the local gun shop will do ffl transfer for around $50~75, so i need to add that to my price.

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    I have a local guy who will do an unlimited number of transfers for $25/yr. I just bought 2 Springfield Armory XD-40s off of Gunbroker for $415 each. Even paying $25 per gun, it would have been cheaper than buying local. But Now I get to transfer all the guns I want at no cost.

    Check the Gunbroker FFL listing, you can find the best deals in your area on transfer fees.

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    mmm those XDs look nice.
  5. I bought my 4095 through a Auction Arms auction. Shipping was $20.00 and the FFL was $10.00, so was a great deal. What you need to be careful of is the shipping and FFL transfer fees.

    Some of the shipping fees are stupid high (that's way to high for me) and most of the FFL's close to me are also way to high for their services ($35.00 to 45.00 per gun).

    I use two people to do transfers for me, the closest is 30 miles from me and charges $20.00 per form. The other is 75 miles away and charges $10.00 per form.
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    I bought my JCP40 off of Auction Arms. The only reason it was doable though was because I was able to get it for a lot less than locally. With $45 added on for shipping and FFL, I was able to get it for $20-$30 cheaper than local.
  7. I get a lot of my weapons off of because they are not readily avaliable locally and if the sellers shipping is not unreasonable I have an FFL that only charges 20 bucks, so it works out ok for me
  8. everyone has a cheap ffl dealer. i dont, so the transfer alone is $45 add $20-$25 for shipping plus the price of the gun= too high.
  9. See if this guy is still in business. Got the info off of AuctionArms

    Type - FFL Transfer Agent

    2020 ROGELIO AVE.
    El Paso, TX 79902
    FFL Transfer Fee: $20.00
    Private at home dealer. handgun transfers $20.00 long gun transfers $25.00. Outgoing transfers $5.00 more each.

    Last Updated: 03/26/2007
  10. is where I found the ffl dealer that I use now. It was costing me 50 bucks for my other dealer to send their ffl and then accept the weapon into their records, now its only 20 total.
  11. I think for many the auction sites are just another possibility to a good deal. Like any outlet not every gun you look at will be a smoking deal. Why? The "deal" is personal to the buyer. What I mean is $400 to you might be highway robbery while to me might be the cheapest I've seen in weeks. :)
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    I have used for several purchases, but I only buy black powder firearms thus don't need to utilize a FFL. My local dealer 80% of the time is lower by the time you add shipping and if he doesn't have what I'm looking for, he will order it for me, and usually 10-20% less than Sportsman's Warehouse and I believe in keeping my money where I live. Support your local guy is going to keep him/her in town, and not put out of business by the "big" sales companies that may or may not stick around after their tax break is over. JMO


  13. ive e-mailed him and others that came up on the search but nothing yet. yes ill have to give them more time. thanks.
  14. I made a couple of ammo purchases on Gunbroker, but no weapons as of yet. It's amazing that the differences in the transfer fees. I called half a dozen stores and the prices varied from 10.00 to 75.00. It was obvious that the 75 dollar guy would rather not be bothered.
  15. still no answers from any ffl dealer.
  16. Try calling them. Probably get faster response than email. Some people just dont check their email as much as others
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    I have bought several guns from all were good deals. My FFL charges $20 per weapon and I only bid on guns that have a low S&H charge. My hipoint 45 cost me $139 total and my 380 was in my hand for $120. not bad considering they go for $249 and $179 respectfully around here.