Gun choice, Raging Bull or Puma lever action?

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  1. I think I'm going to buy another gun tomorrow.

    I saw two today that I really like.

    One is a Raging Bull 454casull (Taurus) in blued finish with a case hardened frame in the 8 inch barrel for 589 (supposed to be new) and the other is a Puma 357 lever action with the 24 inch octagon barrel and cased hardened receiver for 499.

    What would you buy if you had the money?
  2. I would have to say the lever-action. Only because I am partial to shotguns/rifles than handguns.

  3. Strangerous

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    I'd also go for the puma 357... it would be a little cheaper on the wallet for the firearm and the ammo, no?
  4. I would take the Puma Lever rifle in a heart beat! I have been looking for a .357Mag lever rifle for months now and in my area they are hard to come by. I ended up with a Marlin 1894 .44Sp/Mag lever rifle because non of my local dealers could get me a .357. As soon as the Marlin 1894 .357's with standard barrel are available again I will be ordering one. The octagon 24" barrels are nice but I really want a 18.5" round barrel carbine.
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    id go for the raging bull just cause the looks
  6. Will the Raging Bull 454 also take 45LC? If so go with that-- if not go with the other-- 357 is a cheaper easier to get round...
  7. I've got one of the Rossi 'Win92 clone' .357s and it is great fun to shoot. But I've been looking at getting myself a raging bull.

    I'm thinking you need to compromise and get both! Eating is overrated anyway. Or, the wife could walk to work! Or, get the idea.

  8. Another note on the Puma... It can also be had in .454 Casull so you could get the Ragin Bull AND the Puma in the same caliber. Both guns will also handle .45LC when you need something easier, and less expensive, to shoot. Make a good revolver/carbine combo. :)
  9. Well I went with the Puma in 357 today. I got it for 489 plus tax out the door so I was a happy camper.

    I didn't even realize it but it was brand new in the box so I was pretty pleased about that.

    I shot it today with some of my standard light loads and some of my hot loads that I was using for my Desert Eagle.

    With the light loads, the gun went "pop" but with the heavy hot loads, it went BOOM!

    Lots of fun.

    I will get the raging bull sooner or later. I see them frequently enough. I don't see those Puma's on a regular basis though so I'm happy I got it. Holds 12 rounds which means it will be good for cowboy action if I ever do it.
  10. Oh wow, I just sold my Marlin 357 18.5 carbine 2 weeks ago. I really wanted the octagon barrel with case hardened finish plus i wanted to have at least 10 round tube, the marlin is 9 round only.

    Go to your local Big 5 if you have one, they carry that model frequently.