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    Quoting from email:

    I hope your week has been good so far. Here's what we've added this past week:

    • Faxon Firearms rifle + optics & gear package ($2,600 value)
    • swag bag
    • Canik TP9 pistol + optics & gear package ($1,168 value)
    • Rossi Rio Bravo rifle
    • Red Arrow AR-15 & Hoyt RX-4 Alpha Edge + 19 packages (21 winners - $8,500 value)
    • $1k ammo
    • LWRC IC-SPR AR-15 rifle
    • FN15 M4 carbine rifle
    • Geiselle ICON Teufel Hunden rifle
    • Daniel Defense DDM4 AR pistol
    • Wilson Combat Series AR carbine rifle
    • Aero Precision M5 rifle
    • Glock 17 carry package ($1,100 value)
    • Davidson Defense AR-15 rifle build
    • Aero Precision AR-15 w/Surefire Supressor + 14 packages (15 winners - $12,255 value)
    As always, the full list including entry links is available on our website: Gun and Gear Giveaways.

    I hope you win, and please let me know if you do!

    Ryan Cleckner
    Lead Editor

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