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  1. mej24

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    Looking to buy my son the Springfield XDS .45. While shopping around prices, I went to Springfield's web site just to do a little fact checking.
    On the spec page was a purchase now tab. This link takes me to the Gallery of Guns site, and then uses Gun Genie to find places in my area that use this service. Turns out that I can get this gun for around $40 cheaper at one place than what I've seen or been quoted at the places I have checked.
    Anyone have any experience with these services, good or bad?
  2. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    I personally have not, but I have never heard anything bad about Davidsons Gallery of Guns. I believe they are primarily affiliated with Ruger out of Prescot AZ.
    They do have great prices, and they work with my favorite LGS's.

  3. lsi1

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    i've heard good things but usually prices are a bit steep for me.
  4. yworrydog

    yworrydog Supporting Member

    I have used them 2X with happy results.
  5. mej24

    mej24 Member

    Prices on the XDS .45 around here run from $499.99 to 549.99 plus taxes and fees. Ordering through this service I can get the gun for $512.99 total, that's including all fees and taxes. Probably be the way I will go unless the lgs has one in stock that they will do the same price on.
    Not in a hurry for it, just need it before Christmas.
  6. used them for my last gun purchase.
    The price they show always looks steep its MSRP.

    You don't see the real price until you click "get a quote" I always do that. Its almost always cheaper than any of my LGS. Plus it shows you ALL of the charges. Taxes,Shipping, FFL,NICS etc. unlike the other online sites.

    You pay part of it i think 10% when you order. Then pay the rest to the gun dealer when you pick her up.
  7. osbornk

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    I recently used them with good results. When you get a quote, you will see that each shop has a different price since the dealer sets the price (mine said they do it as a percentage). You are actually buying the gun from the store and Davidson's is selling it to the dealer. The prices in my area varies widely because some of the dealers are in remote locations with no or little competition while others do. The transaction went great and I was finished in about 10 minutes. Once you choose the gun and pay your deposit (25% of MSRP), you need to call the gun shop and alert them. You pay the exact amount due as shown on your order. The gun gets to the dealer in 3-5 days.
  8. FlashBang

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    Davidsons is a firearm distributor for all major brands, they only sell to dealers. I've dealt with them a lot and never had an issue. They will locate a dealer who buys through them for you and your order actually gets placed through the dealer you select, not Davidsons themselves.
  9. greg_r

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    I can generally get it cheaper buying straight from my LGS. I have made a few purchases their Davidson's though. In each case the item was on sale. I like the fact that any firearm purchased through Davidson's is warranted for life by them.
  10. mej24

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    Thanks to everyone for the info, I will be buying the XDS .45 next week.
  11. mr_flintstone

    mr_flintstone Supporting Member

    I've not used Davidson's, but I've heard that all guns come with a lifetime warranty. That's pretty cool. I've always used gunwatcher. They typically have a little cheaper prices, but not always; and no lifetime warraty either.
  12. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    For a lifetime warranty, if the gun doesn't already come with one from the manufacturer, its almost worth paying a bit more for. Might have to look into this.
  13. mej24

    mej24 Member

    Asked about this at the LGS ( lifetime warranty) I was going to use and they told me that Davidson's did in fact warrant any gun purchased through their site. Will probably use them in the future.
    They did have several HiPoint carbines in stock at decent prices for around here. Keep in mind that the prices will vary depending on your location, but a 9mm T's would run me around $307 with scope.
  14. osbornk

    osbornk Hillbilly on a motorcycle Member

    Since you are really buying from the LGS and they set the selling price, check all of the ones near you. Default search is 25 miles but I found my best deal searching within 50 miles (The distance is not accurate).
  15. mej24

    mej24 Member

    I noticed that, but there was really only a few dollars difference in price mostly. For me the three best prices were two LGS on my way home, and one that was about 10 miles up the road(which was the cheapest) and then the difference was only $4 and change, didn't justify the extra drive.
  16. undeRGRound

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    Might be worth a LOOK!

    Do they carry used stuff?
    I'd love to get an S&W 1006 :D
  17. mej24

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    Nothing used that I seen. They are the warehouse that the LGS buys from. See post #8. Flash explained it.
    The first price you will see is the msrp, you have to select the gun, enter your zip, then it will show you LGS that order through them. Look at the total cost to get final price. I noticed that the stores that have the lowest cost often had the higher fees.
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