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Hi to all,
This new server is great I really like the format.
I hope this in the right forum.

I have been looking and researching some items for an guy at my Church. He has some guns he wants to sell. Can anyone here help me with getting Info, history, a price and procedure for shipping long guns to other states? Right now the question is for information on the history or where to look up this info. web sites, books, your opinons
Then after talking to him about what I find then selling them.
The list starts with a M-1 carbine with a tacso 4x32 scope realist rings, it is stamped Universal Hialeah, Fla 1077 it is 37 inches long.
Next is a Remington sportsman 12 ga built on a browning patent has a pheasant engraved on the right side and a ducks on the left overall length 47 inch with a modified barrel

A Winchester model 12 with 2 barrels and forearms first a 25 inch Imp cyl. The other is stamped 30 inch full choke.

Next is a Beebe Arms Co. 12 ga. 30 inch barrel.

Thank you,
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