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  1. Once again they got it wrong, silly liberals don't even know what the problem is. They're equating suicide with the presence of a gun. The problem is that people want to commit suicide, you don't need a gun to do that.

    Here's an idea, if you're really concerned about suicides, out-law liberalism, make people stand up and be responsible for themselves. Once people realize they do have the ability to change their circumstances in life (rather than rely on government officials who don't care if you live or die, unless they can use your death for political purposes) the suicide rate will go down.

  2. The guy said that a gun in the house is the same as having a time bomb in that house.

    Maybe one could offer him a chance to prove it. One week with a gun in his house. Followed by one week with a time bomb in this house.

    See week results in more damage.
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    I'm curious, if fire arm suicide occurs at a rate of 16 per 100,000 people in gun friendly states and 11 per 100,000 in socialist utopias...what is the rate of SD gun use per 100,000 people?

    And frankly, as much as I feel for the tragedy of suicide...what business is it of the government to decide if I do or don't, and how I do it?
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    I agree it i none of their business what i do in my own home aslong as im not hurting anyone else.
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    Suicide is a crime in some places. Too bad it's one law most criminals refuse to break.
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    Better question is why are suicide rates higher in those states to begin with? The ones listed have high rates of poverty, a nasty climate to live in... guns don't have anything to do with it! Plus comparing suicide in Israel to here is apples to oranges! Israel has issues the USA doesn't. Like terrorists lobbing bombs at them on a daily basis!

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    Saw this interesting article today
    No, Goldie Taylor, Gun Control Won’t Reduce Suicide
    Research shows that countries with tight gun control don’t have fewer suicides. People just use other things to kill themselves.

    A few highlights

    Even though we’ve heard a lot about gun violence lately, guns are not the leading cause of death in America, not even close. The top causes of death are heart disease, cancer, and other health problems. Suicide ranks tenth, and homicide is far below, at 17. The most commonly used suicide method among males (51 percent) is a gun, and more men commit suicide than women. For women, the most common method is poisoning.

    While Taylor makes a compelling argument, it doesn’t hold up to the facts. Most of what she cites, including disputed studies about people being more likely to be victims of murder or commit suicide if they have a gun in their home, is correlation, not causation.

    Next, we go to Japan, which has the world’s most restrictive gun-control laws. While the country does have low homicide rates, it has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, nearly twice the U.S. rate! The same is true in South Korea, where handguns are practically nonexistent, but the country has the highest suicide rate in the developed world. The reason for the high rates of suicide are social and cultural factors, not the availability of guns.

    “Guns are certainly not a factor in the suicide rate,” Wright says. “Along with hanging, drowning, and jumping off of buildings, ingesting pesticides was the method of choice for nearly 25 percent of South Korean suicides between 2006 and 2010. In 2012, more than 14,000 South Koreans took their own lives.”
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    We had some friends whose Son was into drugs and always in trouble with the local Police. One day they left home and when returned, the guy used a remote to open the garage door, their Son was hanging from a beam in the garage. Both required some therapy and they sold the house not long after. They moved out of Town and we haven't see them since.