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    I'm a lawyer, not an engineer, so know absolutely nothing about this particular gun mod question:

    If I'm polishing the bolt on my 223 bolt action rifle, uncluding the lugs, using 2,000 grit, just to give the whole thing a nice mirror shine, will that 2,000 grit remove enough steel to actually change the dimensions? I.e., bolt is suddenly too narrow, lugs too small, bolt face no longer lines up with the cartridge?

    This is probably too dumb a question to post, but any thoughts would be welcome. (Please don't hose me down.)
  2. I would send it to a gunsmith to be jeweled.

  3. Dagwood

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    I would 1) shoot it and 2) enjoy it.
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    If you buff it, using a soft tool, with some fine rouge or similar stuff, you won't remove any metal worth mentioning, but it will shine up fine.
  5. greg_r

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    Use jeweler rouge. A good tool is actually a pencil eraser.
  6. SWAGA

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    I'd use a polishing wheel rather then sandpaper.
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    Dremel and Flitz.
  8. lklawson

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    Why do you want you to this? What are you trying to accomplish? Is this purely cosmetic or are you wanting to enhance function?

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    You will devalue the gun don't do it, better to live with a scratch and touch it up. And any polishing to a bright finish will remove some metal however small.
  10. The short answer is...maybe. It all depends on how much you sand, rub, polish.
    I would answer Kirks response before proceeding, then follow the other recommendations to use steel wool or the like and a polishing compound if you necessary.
  11. ajole

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    NE Utah
    That depends on the gun, the purpose, and the market. Some polished bolts are worth lots of money, and raise the value of a gun, to the right buyers.

    And those of us that don't buy guns for their resale value, but as tools, don't give a care as to the affect on "value", we want function and the looks we desire, no one else's opinion about the appearance matters.;)

    Or it is removing some coating or oxidation, and no metal.

    Or at least, none worth mentioning, as you can't measure it with any tools most of us have. Polishing with rouge (actually "buffing" is the right word) will not cause any issues with the gun's operation. Polishing with 2000 grit (which is actually polishing, and removes metal) could actually do damage, if you kept at it long enough.
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  12. inglwud59

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    Some bolts have a coating for long life to slow down wear,maybe see what's on it first.
  13. 45Man

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    I was a Rocket Scientist. 2000 grit, no problem. Lots of work, good luck.
  14. Mothers Mag Wheel Polish, an old T shirt and a 12Pak I did the slide and barrel of my Taurus and it came out great,
  15. Browning 9 Guy

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    Thanks for the replies

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. It's only for appearance, and I should have (but didn't) remember Mother's Mag and jeweler s rouge as a better alternative. The rifle is an entry level 223 I plan to hand down to my kids and grand kids.

    This might sound crazy but I sanded the bluing off the barrel and receiver, right down to the carbon steel. It has a nice mirror shine - more bluish than stainless steel - and hasn't rusted at all. Guns need to have some looks, if possible.
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    Pics! Or it never happened
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    Pics - help I don't have an up to date cel phone or webcam

    Jeeamageez my cel phone is 12 years old, can't take pics! I'll see if my wife's can! Pics are on the way!
  18. A lawyer without a blackberry?:eek:

    What next? A nerd without an iPhone 12?
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    FWIW most standard specs are + or - .003 on tolerances and even on the low end there is a a healthy chunk left until becoming unsafe you will not take off enough to matter with that type of grit
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    Cameras are for pics, phones are for talking.