Gun owners beat Bloomberg in NH

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  1. Big $ leftists stopped for now. They must think they can buy the country. Also note that not all groups that want our $ are on our side.

    Any 'compromise' is a defeat and does us no good.

    "Just recently, billionaire Michael Bloomberg targeted New Hampshire for his anti-gun crusade. But thankfully, Gun Owners of America was able to defeat his attempts to pass gun control “lite” in the state.

    This state, perceived by Bloomberg as an anti-gun blue state, was to be the test case to show it was possible to enact gun control on a state-by-state basis, outside New York and Connecticut.

    This is why gun owners all around the country should celebrate what happened in New Hampshire. We can all be encouraged by the fact that the Granite State has sent Bloomberg packing, licking his wounds."

    "We need to look more closely at demands for more NICS submissions from supposedly “pro-gun” groups. And we especially need to look at whether people who are being pushed into the NICS system have actually received due process. Sometimes we need to ask the leaders of “pro-gun” groups: What part of infringed don’t you understand?"
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    Who were the so-called "gun groups" that were willing to compromise with Bloomberg?