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  1. The Oriental Valley Sportsman's Association is holding a gun raffle to raise money. If anyone's interested let me know.

    Tickets are $10, only 1,000 available and there is a cash option if you win and don't want that particular rifle. Need not be present to win. Winners are responsible for any FFL fees.

    The drawing will be held May 7th at our annual Trout Derby. It's free for kids and you're all invited to drop by.


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    out of state entries?


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    mmmkay, and what does my $10 ticket enable me to win?
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    Gun Raffle
    The Gun Raffle tickets are available - Cost is $10 each - 10 prizes - Contact a member or e-mail if you're interested in tickets. Drawing to be held May 7th after the Kids Trout Derby at the OVSA Clubhouse. Need not be present to win.
    1. Henry Big Boy Carbine in 45 Colt -or- $400 Cash
    ​ 2. Savage Axis in .30-06 -or- $200 Cash
    ​ 3. Savage Axis in .270 -or- $200 Cash
    ​ 4. Mossberg in .308 -or- $200 Cash
    ​ 5. Mossberg in .243 -or- $200 Cash
    ​ 6. Remington 12 Gauge -or- $200 Cash
    ​ 7. Parker Enforcer Crossbow -or- $200 Cash
    ​ 8. Stealth Trail Cam - 6MP
    ​ 9. Simmons 8-Point 3-9 x 40mm Scope
    ​ 10. Simmons Volt 600 4x20 Range Finder
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    Ask your incoming FFL if they will buy the gun,
    those "cash options" are a joke ;) I know it is a fundraiser...
    I won the last one I was in, $20 and I got $350 for the
    RUGER LCR 38 Special ;) $440 retail gun
    I have an excellent incoming FFL, $10 fees and on the LCR,
    NO FEES! :D
  6. Yeah, several of us thought they should be more in line with the value of the gun.

    Yes, we'll pay the shipping to your FFL, you're responsible for any FFL fees.