Gun Ranges and the no rapid fire rule

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    Good for you. Must be one of the few who will NEVER have even one round go astray.
  2. I'm a member at two outdoor ranges. Thirty five bucks each per year. Both disallow rapid fire. One even allows three rounds in the gun/mag at a time. They mean three, not fire three rounds and take a short break, then fire again. Nope, three rounds only with no exceptions.

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    You should watch some of the BumpSAW videos - fellas w/ bumpfire stocks or pull & release triggers and bipods - they're running out to 100 round twin drums, and getting over 1000 rpm on their bursts.

    It's all good 'til there's a squib past the gas block.
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    Look familiar?

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    Tell them they need to move to california with that kind of attitude.
  6. Yep, the only time I go there is if I'm zeroing. The rule goes way back in time and it is part of the land sale/purchase agreement. Still...a painful rule for the most part...and they know it.
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    Nope hate those kind of rules. I want to go all Rambo I will. Rules are made to be broken.
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    If a round goes astray then it's going in the dirt..... No worries there, the indoor range is smart enough to use plastic target holder's instead of Steele because there was a ricochet about 10 years ago from somebody hitting the things that hold the targets..... Nobody is worried about stray rounds anymore. Hell for the most part the indoor range is just LE and instructors doing classes. Most people like myself enjoy outdoors ranges.
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    Wow 3 rounds.
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    Musta missed my last story from the indoor range. Stray round, hit me in the chest, drove me to the ground, through my shirt, stopped on a rib and I dug it out of my skin with my nails. Thats the short version of a bad day.
  11. undeRGRound

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    :eek: I missed it too! :eek:

    You must be like a real stud, or sumthin! :eek:
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    You got shot in the chest and pulled the bullet out with your fingers? You are from Texas, I wouldn't expect any less. ;)

    Did you keep the slug? Would make a neat necklace.
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    Lol, no stud, no brag, justa helluva thing. Yea it was just right there under the skin like a sliver ya know? Cept it was easy to get out cause there was a jagged entry. Right on my center sternum, no meat, just skin and bone. I was thankful for the bone. I dont know what the guy on the other end was shooting but it was raining on me when he did. First shot was a big piece. When I got it out and saw it it was about 1/2 a slug worth of deformed shrapnel. As I went down I safed my 45 and was amazed at how much concentration it took to keep it pointed downrange as I layed it on the floor. That being managed I rolled tight against my divider wall as I was still getting rained on. Mamma and both my boys were in the lane next to me, my oldest hollered "are you ok?" I said "no Im shot!" Got the shrapnel peeled outta me and my boys got the place shut down. As the employee came out he ran past me and went and checked the back wall, declared it "all ok" and the range resumed shooting.

    Never said sh!t to me....can you believe it?

    Thats when I walked out hurting and bleeding quietly in my shirt and stood outside and smoked.

    My two 30 year old boys handled it from there was ugly...they handled it well, refunds and no police were involved:D

    Little chickensh!t indoor range with about a 40 ft wall. I also learned a lesson.
  14. Think1st

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    Did they have lanes facing each other with just that wall in between???

    If you were getting rained on, I can't imagine you were just getting ricochets coming back.

    In any case, that's a heck of a deal. I'm shocked that the range management weren't doing everything possible to mollify you. They could have easily been sued into oblivion, waiver or not. Even a waiver can't protect against outright negligence.
  15. Branth

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    Just yesterday I was at a public range, and some idiot kid next to me was bump-firing his AK from the hip. Had to be one out of every 3 shots went over the berm. I finally talked to him about it, and he just went right back to sending rounds sailing off to who knows where.

    *******s like that give the rest of us a bad name. Somehow we really have to create a culture where that kind of thing is unacceptable... Idiots whose trigger finger outpaces their ability can get perfectly good ranges shut down.
  16. Where was range management? :mad:
  17. OldOutlaw

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    I would guess that was the Princeton state range?? If so, there have been a number of that type of problem there. Fall of 2015 duck hunters out on the river reported rounds from there coming near them. Same last Spring and Summer with fisherman out on the river.

    It is illegal under Iowa law to sell any type of those rapid fire devices in this state. DNR says it includes the stocks that facilitate it to rapid fire above guns design point.

    A person who sells or offers for sale a manual or power- driven
    trigger activating device constructed and designed so that when
    attached to a firearm increases the rate of fire of the firearm is
    guilty of an aggravated misdemeanor.
  18. OldOutlaw

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    Around here, there is no state personnel working full time at them. Summer, some times a part time guy watches for a bit, then leaves.
  19. backbencher

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    Most semi-autos are relatively easy to bump-fire from the hip, as the idiot in question was doing. And the way your law is written, while it would seem to needlessly outlaw trigger cranks, it wouldn't seem to outlaw bump-fire stocks, as the trigger activating device on those is a human finger. And it appears it's perfectly legal there to build bump-fire stocks, which is not difficult to do.

    ARs and AK were both originally designed for full-automatic fire, so I'd say a bump-fire stock is taking the rate of fire up to the guns' intended design point.
  20. OldOutlaw

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    State seems to interpret the rate of fire as the individual guns commercial rate of fire. Not full auto rate of fire. A virtually redone/new set of laws have already passed the Republican House and is now in the Republican Controlled Senate. Big changes and interpretations could come any day now.
    I am especially ready for the new stand your ground that will prohobit any sueing in a righteous situation when the perp is killed or wounded. Both in criminal or civil courts. By self or any relatives thereof.