Gun safe?

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  1. I just got back from Dunham's and have a question about the gun safe I bought. They had a "door buster" sale and I spied an American Eagle AE22 (24 gun cap.) marked down $400 to $599.99. The floor model has scratches on it from a magnetic price hanger so they will further reduce the price by 10% if I choose that model when I go pick it up. Anyhow I'm wondering if anyone has any first hand knowledge of this brand. I wanted to get an American made safe as i will be using my rebate check for the purchase and I was pleased to find this brand is American made. I checked out their website ( and they seem to have a pretty good product. Any thoughts? Thanks. :)
  2. Buy it and don't look back. A 1000 dollar safe for 540. Sounds like an awesome deal.

    24 gun, I'm jealous. I have a 16 gun safe and its packed to the gills with guns.