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  1. Ok I hope this is the right forum for this but as im getting my gun tomorrow I was wondering what you guys keep your pistols locked up in and is there such a safe that I could put under my bed and if someone was to break in I could open it in a hurry without fumbling with a combination. Right now I have electronic safe that I already own which I was thinking of keeping my ammo in and I have a bulletproof lockbox under my bed but it takes a key to open it. Am I just being paranoid and should I just use the trigger lock keep it in the nightstand with the key around my neck.

  2. This is what I use to keep a gun close to me by the beside. They work great, are extremly fast, and very secure. I have the regular model, not the one with the finger print reader, but I'm sure it's even faster.
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    I have to say: It is VERY smart to keep them under lock with a quick ability to access.

    Unfortunately, I don't do that :( :oops:

    I keep my pistol at my nightstand in the holster with the spare magazine in the carrier pocket, the M44 sitting in an old school wooden wall-hung gunrack in the office, and the 12 gauge in pieces in the workshop.

    But, everyone knows that my house is NOT a kid friendly zone (mainly for the parts of machinery, firearms and tons of books by Lenny Bruce and Henry Rollins just lying around :p )
  4. do you have any young kids or anything? i forgot who said it, but on the old forum a member had a good idea that he keeps his pistol locked up during the day and takes it out and puts it on/in a nightstand overnight, then back in the safe in the morning.
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    Don't get it yet, but got a demo of it at local shop, and want one bad. SecureLogic biometric safes They go in like a 14x14 hole in the gypsum, screw through the sides to the studs. For $299 you get a keypad only one. The face has just a flat door and a keypad. Enter the code, and the door drops open. Not very big, but you could easily fit 2-3 pistols and some mags in it. For $479, a full biometric one with fingerprint lock. Has a battery that will run it for a month without power, and all you do it put your thumb on the pad. 2 seconds later, pop, it's open. Can put like 6 different prints into it.
  6. I have about 8 months before i have to worry about kids and then probally at least a year or two before it becomes an issue for me but my dad always kept his weapon right on his head board as i keep mine in the night stand. everything else stays locked up in the gun room complete with tigger locks. the only difrence i see is my father like me is ccw and he like me has to carry a weapon for work there fore my weapon is on me from the time i get up untill the time i go to sleep

    Oh yeah i almost forgot. i keep a 22lr in the workshop area of my barn for shooting all those annoying little critters that are ascoiated with farm living however it is unloade and the mags are up on top of a cabneit they are loaded however.
  7. By the tenor of your "voice" I see problems ahead. Guns lying around day and night will be found by those you don't want to find them. The "best" situation might be you sleepwalking; the worst by the little kid that comes over with his parents for an evening of watching the game. While I don't object to carrying, don't get as paranoid as you sound. You, for sure, will shoot the wrong fella.

    Put the gun in the night stand in an electronic gun safe that fits under your bed. Your response time will be 3 seconds less and the 'little kid' won't have a tragic accident. Put Laser Shield on your doors. Dog won't set it off and the BG will set off the alarm. Short of combat, I see no reason for 'guns lying around' loaded in easy reach anytime.

    Colonel, US Army (Ret)
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    I just bouhgt a cheap 10 rifle safe with shelf. It is good enough for my needs. Has Key lock not all to high speed but fine for my needs.

    I leave the night stand gaurd out in the day but at the current I forget to put it away.
    Kid is only 3 months old. SO I have tiome to train myself for this.
    I feel if a Robber, while I am gone wants to steel my stuff, regardless of BIOMETRIC or key Can and will. Ripping the bolt out of the wall attatched to the safe is the same on iether model.

    I think aloost anything is better than nothing.
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    I think that most weapons should be locked up tight at night. But a weapon needs to be easily accesible, so what i advise isn't keeping a biometric safe but instead teaching your kids never to be in your room, let alone to touch a gun. this won't work for young children but for 10+ this is a strategy. For under 10 i think that keeping the weapons locked up in the day would work well, but it still won't stop a robber from getting to your guns.
  10. For right now my child has not been born so its just my wife and I and I just leave whatever gun I was carrying that day on my night stand and she has whatever gun she was carrying that day on her side as well and I know that under the right condition she would have no problem using it and I have grown up shooting and an ex army so I know that I would have no problem. I just dont like the thought of having to look for a key find the gun and then try to unlock it in the dark it just dont work for me. Once my child starts walking and getting into stuff I will have to rig something up. Once my child is old enough to shoot like 9 or 10 I will start teaching gun safety like my father taught me when I was that age.
  11. The biometric ones are cool and all, but I still prefer the method of my gunvault with the finger pad in the shape of a hand. Just as fast as the 2-4 second finger print readers and a WHOLE lot cheaper. Plus my batteries last 6-8 months atleast.
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    For my CC gun (xd9sc) I bought 2 of these:

    at my local "Big & Odd Lots" for $35.00 ea. I used the same foam that i used for the guitar case and stacked it to fit the case, then cut the top sheet to fit the gun and a few boxes of ammo and 2 mags. The one i keep in my bedroom is screwed into a drawer in the nightstand next to my bed.

    The other i drilled 2 holes in corners so that a looped end cable would fit thru them and I keep it in my car and the cable goes around the seat frame then into the box, the lock then goes thru the cable ends and is locked insde the box. The box then goes behind and under the drivers seat.
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    I've got one of those. I picked it up at WalMart. I installed it in the closet, screwed into the studs.

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    Here is a photo of my gun safe/cabinet. It started out life as a Documed cabinet that was given to me, and I striped the guts out of it and turned it into a gun cabinet it will hold 14 rifles, 14 handguns, 20,000+ rounds of ammo and mags. Best of all it was free.

    Here is a link to a photo of the out side of one

    Here is what the inside looked liked when I got it.

    A friend works in maintenance at a nuthouse and they removed a boiler from the power room. I am going to use the cabinet that the boiler was in to make a gun cabinet for his barn. Do what works.
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  16. I bought one at Sportsman Guide for about the same price. It's pretty smally, but my "Chinese 9mm Something or Another" fits in there OK with two mags.

    It fits under the bed, but can be bolted down somewhere. That might be a better solution as I keep forgetting which way it up in orientation when I do my in the dark practice. Plus the keys are letters so a numerical code doesn't seem to work. (I may be missing something here).

    All in all a good value for one hurry-up gun that keeps it out of reach for the little ones.
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    Mike that Honeywell box works great in the car/truck also if you drill a few hole and us a cable and lock to lock it to the seat frame.