Gun show in Marshfield Wisconsin.

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  1. Just saw the ad in the paper tonight, there is a Gun Show this Saturday and Sunday to be held in the Oak Ave Community Center.

    I'll be on the lookout for any smoking deals, as usual. If you had none of the following but wanted to get one, assuming the deal was "right", what would be your overall choice?

    Ruger Red Hawk or Black Hawk in .44 Mag.
    Ruger Mini 14
    Beretta Bearcat or Tomcat for the boss
  2. SteveD

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    I'll be there Saturday afternoon some time. Hoping to get some 7.62*54r huntimg ammo and maby some 9mm if there is a good price. Also wife wants a holster for her c9 after seeing the one I got for my .40.

  3. I wanted to go Saturday but as it ends up we are showing our house (For Sale) in Altoona. So it will be Sunday for me. I bought one of the Crossman air pistol holsters from Wally Mart for about 6 bucks and it fits my C9 like a glove. Just food for thought.