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    When I was a kid back in the 70's, gun shows were the best place to find good deals, steals and interesting finds. Now that I'm back in a gun friendly state I have been going to gun shows again when the opportunity arises.

    I have noticed that prices are ridiculously high compared to retail NIB prices.
    Even the common items that I check out because i know the price- Ruger 10/22; Ruger Mini-14; Winchester WB Ammo in 9mm, .45, and .223 - they are all WAY over what I'd pay at my big box or gun store. No idea why I would pay $220 for a used (base model) 10/22 when I can get a NIB for $183 retail.... Similar: Mini-14 for $550- 650 USED (older model without rings and pre- accuracy revamp) when I can get NIB for $599..
    WWB 50 rounds 9mm for $10 is crazy when i can go to WallyWorld and buy it for $7.85 with my 20 rolls of toilet paper.
    I know the volume thing, but firearms companies usually give the same breaks sub volume to other dealers.

    And then there's the catalog / e-tailers. Frankly Cheaper than Dirt is usually about 2-10% MORE than what i can find locally. (By the way CTD is in my hometown of Ft Worth, comparing to Wally World, Academy Sporting Goods, Local gun shops, in the Texas region.)

    What is the Deal? Does anyone else feel this pain? Sure i do find some random unique things at gun shows, but most of the time i'm looking for the staples to round out my needs/ feed the habit.
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    I agree with you man, I too have noticed that prices at gun shows are getting high. I remember at one show I literally laughed in the face of one seller who was trying to sell a (gently used) Mossberg .22 semi-Plinkster for $175.00! I've seen that gun sold at Wally-World for $98.00, and for less than $100.00 at gun shops. I can understand they want to make a few bucks at the show, but do they think a bunch of novice gun owners are showing up to these events?

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    Gun shows= Horse trading. If the dealer's asking price, in your opinion, is too high, then make a counter offer. If you can't agree on a sale price,then walk away. Incidenatlly,most retail operations refuse to "bargain" on price.
  4. I think you are right.

    I wanted to buy a 357 mag lever action gun recently. I found a Marlin carbine 357mag lever action. The dealer was asking 500 dollars for it (used, no box or accessories).

    Funny thing was that I knew that Big 5 Sports had the same gun for 379 dollars.

    Freaking nuts.

    A lot of dealers are like that. I go to the fun shows for the odd ball stuff and ammo components now. YOu can still find stuff like reloading stuff fairly cheap from the private party dealers.

    As for guns, I haven't bought a gun from a gun show dealer in a long time, I have bought a couple from private parties walking around.
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    I have to agree. Gun shows used to be places to fine great bargains on used weapons and other stuff. It was a place that local gun shops went to unload their white elephants cheap instead of them cluttering up the racks. Now it seems that the shows are simply mobile store fronts for dealers who don't want to open regular gun shops.

    As to the prices, they're the reason I usually walk out of a gun show with the same amount of cash that I walked in with. Ammo, firearms, reloading components; they are all from 5% to 25% higher than at the local gun shops. The selections are extremely limited and usually not what I'm looking for to begin with. Unless they have something really unusual that the local shops don't, it's a great relaxing stroll but not a buying trip. :cry:
  6. You guys are right, the Gun Show prices can be ridiculous. The worst thing you can do is walk up to a table and not already know the value of what your trying to buy.
    It's not their job to educate you, It's their job to get their money out of your pocket! That being said, I enjoy Gun Shows tremendously. I buy a lot of things at good prices, Have met some fantastic sellers and some that repulsed me. But you got to do your homework or it's an expensive education when it's your cash.
  7. Guess they don't understand that while trying to make that big profit on each item they would makejust as much, maybe more, if they lowered the prices and sold more. I mentioned to a guy at a table when he asked "what all did you buy so far" and I said "nothing yet, everything is overpriced" he explains that not alot of stuff is being sold and prices must be higher to to make buying a table profitable. But instead of explaining that lower prices would move more inventory, I just let it go. Some people just don't get it.
  8. That's why I passed on a BEAUTIFUL CZ 52 in 7.62X25 this last gun show. The seller wouldn't come off his price of $180.00. I told him that I could go elsewhere and get it for $125.00 all day long and he told me "Well, why don't you go?" Retards.... I was willing to pay $150.00 OTD cuz this was a gorgeous gun, and was worth it. Oh well, his loss....
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    I had the same problem with a shop...they were going out of business at the end of Sept, and I was lookin to buy a 92FS...they had one, for $600...I said hey, I can go to another shop and get it for $450...

    They told me to go do it then...that I wouldnt find another place with only 2% tax....6% tax difference isnt going to make up for paying 1/3rd more for the same wonder they went out of business...
  10. All too true. You'd think with the price of ammo on the rise, they'd be willing to let these firearms go a little cheaper.
  11. I went to the Dallas Texas Market Hall Gun show today, saw several dealers with 9mm Carbines decked out with scopes, red dot and regular ones for fair prices 185-230 NIB, then 2 rows over a used 995 for $350, no Idea how they came up with that price. They just pulled the price from the sky as far as I could tell.
    Yuggo SKS, were 179 to 295, many were Bubba guns, one with the furniture dyed light green, FRIGHTING. Cabela's has reconditioned like new ones for 179.
    For you MM fans, the M38's were 130 - 140 (for who ever was looking for one recently) not sure if thats a good price or not. This was the first time I had looked for one after you said they were interesting. M44, with the mounted bayonet went for 89 - 199 even though you can find them on the net for 69.99 - 99.99.
    The old looking clunky enfields II and III in 303? or 308 where going for very high amounts as far as I could tell 400 - 1000, I don't recall them being that high before. Hear they are accurate, but hate how they look.

    What really caught my attention was the abundance of the .243 Savage scoped package, w/ accru trigger that Wall-mart sells new for $379.00, it's one I had been lusting after. Used at the show they were 395 - 465.
    Also I was looking for a Swiss K-31, only saw 1 in rough condition, passed on it, wonder if they are getting to be hard to find now.
    So again you need to know a little about what your looking for before you go and watch out for the WOW stuff, the stuff you buy on impulse.

    I picked up 2 nice used scopes with rings $40.00 for the pair, a New tan Remington shooters vest $5, and 2 Colt knives for $15 each for Christmas gifts.
    Knives! Another area you can get nailed in, I don't buy knife brands I have never heard of, and I really like the Colt or Winchester branded knives for gifts when I can find them for 50% off retail.

    All in all I had a good time at the show, so tonight I am not kicking myself for passing up any thing I saw today.
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    Gun show next week...hoping to do some xmas shopping there, in the form of a couple lower parts kits ;)

    One for me, one for my bud.
  13. A gun show is like a boat show. You don't go there looking for "deals." You might find one, but really, you just PAID to get into the building. The dealer knows you want to buy something. Why should he put a "deal" out when you were just standing in line to get in? They figure if you don't want it, move out of the way, the guy behind you does.

    Now, if you hang around until the end of the show, you have a better chance of getting a "deal." A dealer (boat or gun) doesn't want to have to haul this stuff back if he doesn't have to. Have cash money. It really talks.

    Yes, you can find those M/N for those prices on the net, but unless you have at least a C&R license, you have to add shipping and FFL transer fee to that $69.99, which usually drives the price up into the $90-150.00 range.
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    Its the same deal in the Phoenix area. Myself and 3 buddies went to one a few weeks ago in Mesa and all of us walked out buying nothing except 1 pocket knife. I couldn't believe how much Bulgarian Makarovs have gone up. Three years ago I bought one at this same show for $149. Now several vendors were asking $100 or more over that. I heard several conversations at the show and they were saying that guns and ammo both have been selling like crazy since the Dems took over Congress. A lot of people are worried as hell that they are also going to take the White House in '08 and figure the banning will REALLY start in earnest if that happens. So people are stocking up now and the dealers figure they can charge about anything tey want and people will buy it due to desperation or they are newbies and don't know what the prices should be.
    Another thing to watch out for is if something has recently been imported and its not generally known what a good price should be. At the really huge show in Phoenix last year one of my buddies wanted the newly imported PS90. We didn't know what they should cost but knew they were expensive so we went to the big show to shop around. The prices varied from $1,450 up to $2,100! The ammo for the thing varied a heck of a lot too. Its a lot of fun to shoot though but EXPENSIVE!
  15. There are no more Bulgarian Makarov's coming into the country. What you see are ones that are already here. I paid $175.00 for mine and wouldn't sell it for twice that now. The old law of supply and demand.
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    Yeah, you can get screwed and save on the same day...Ive seen cans of 1000rds frangible 9mm ammo go for $125 and the booth next store would have, say an AK underfolder going for $650...
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    Went to the Tanner Gun Show in Denver today...saw an HP995 they were askin $250 for...excuse was that HP has been raising their prices :p

    But, at the same time, I spent $75 and got all this:

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    Primal, that's what I paid for my CZ, at a gun show even. I knew it was a bit expensive, but I wanted one, and had been looking for quite a while.

    I figure after getting an FFL transfer and shipping, it was less expensive to pay the $180 and be done with it, and like I said, I wanted the gun.

    That being said, Ive noticed the same thing. Gun shows are no longer smaller individual buyers, sellers, traders anymore. It's all the pro's working a circuit.

    Don't get me wrong, pay attention and there is still a deal or two to be made, but you gotta look. The CZ I buoght was the cheapest at the show, some were as high as $220.

    My mothers boyfriend bought the better part of a Remington pump action 12 gauge for $125. Don't remember the model number now, but a nice gun short the barrel. Score a barrel and he'll have a nice 12 for well under $200.

    You do have to look harder, and it seems there are less and less actually there to haggle, but such is the price of freedom and capitalism.
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    we have a gunshow in Topeka mid december. I'll let you guys know what I see :)
  20. Way over-priced, and there's no reason for it except for capitalism... making a buck. And, I feel that a lot of web-sites are way over priced too... like CTD. I can find better prices locally, but only on some things. Sometimes I have to break down an buy from these pricey sights (incl S&H) just to get somethat that is not available locally. There are some good deals out there, but you have to shop around... as with everything.