Gun Show prices?

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    Are all prices at gun shows inflated so that you barter with them? I just got home from one locally and was very disappointed. I was looking for a Glock 26 and the best price for a new one was $526, which would be similar to a stores price after taxes. The best price on a used one (that was very used looking and not even clean) was $479. I didn't even try to talk him down because I wouldn't have even spent $250 on it by the way it looked, and know he wouldn't go down that low.
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    I bought two guns at a gun show last year. I got a Kahr CW40, factory certified for $265.00 out the door and a new Sigma SW9VE for $275.00 out the door. Those were good prices and the Kahr was a steal.

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    I have to agree with you and your situation. And I also think that 526 is fair for a glock 26 OTD with 2 or 3 mags and ALL paper work and hard case. I.E. New in box. LOL

    I don't blame you for passin.
  4. I bought my new EAA Witness for 369 at the recent gun show (a hair more than

    Used guns? Not so many good deals.
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    usually you can jew them down around 10%. Thats the reason i go to gunshows. I can buy stuff there, haggle on price and both buyer and seller are happy.

  6. I find better deals on firearms by hitting the local shops regularly. I mainly go to shows looking for accessories, ammo and odds & ends that local shops do not carry. It's been years since I bought a gun at a gun show because the prices were higher than local shops or I just didnt have the money for a gun purchase at that time.
  7. Ditto.

    I only bought the Witness at the show because it was from a regular brick and mortar dealer who had a table at the show wiht all his new pistols.

    Otherwise I'm at the show for reloading stuff, ammo, bullets, holsters, kittens, brass, and other odds/ends.
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    I wish that was the case here, but even those are very over priced 99% of the time. For instance, there was a used Kel-tec P11 at a shop locally for $300 :shock:

    Another couple guns that made me laugh yesterday were a used C9 for $149, and a used 10/22 with lots of dents in the wood stock for $239.

    At least I like to just look because my dad just called and wants me to go with him this afternoon. You never know...maybe that guy knocked $200 off the Glock 26 :lol:
  9. Buyer beware. I go with a list in my pocket of what I might buy and what the prices ought to be. Bargain, and don't be afraid to walk. I've even taken cards with my name/number on them and handed them to folks saying I'll pay this, call me if you want to sell. Never got a call, but never paid too much for something either; at a gun show at least!
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    Gunshows are GREAT for hardware and accessories, but I find the experience of buying a longarm or pistol at a gun show akin to being worse than buying a new car :evil:

    But I've had a few good scores in accessories. Everything from the infamous $5 black range bags, $6 pistol cases and $2 harness straps to the $7 M1 Bayonet that is my Vespa's on-board knife now (polished and sharpened to a nice finish of course. It IS for the Italian bike after all). I've even seen some good prices on reloading equipment and brass.
  11. I've been going to gunshows since the 70s and I have sometimes (rarely) gotten good deals. A while back I actually bought my Kel-Tec PF-9 at a gunshow here in Vegas--known for their high prices. A dealer from Mesquite had a table full of handguns for very reasonable prices. It would have cost me $30 more to buy from a local dealer. I just hate paying $12 for admission and finding nothing worth the price inside. I rarely waste my time any more.