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    I plan on going to a gun show soon and was wondering how the prices usually are?

    Is it really just mainly a place to look or to actually buy?

    I have a place that I can get really good prices on about anything.
    How would they probably compare?
  2. The show we have here in Nashville (another one this weekend, 3/15 and 3/16) had prices close to what the dealer in town has them. I don't know if they were NIB or not. I had just bought my C9 and was looking at other items.

  3. Some people assume that just because it is an official show, they will find a great deal. This is not the case. Within the last few years, I have found gun shows to be higher than the local gun shops. In fact, I have seen dealers at the show raise their prices for the show.

    Just an example: I recently bought a M-N 91/30 at a show. There were plenty available, but most were total trash. The prices ranged from $95 to $155. Because I went intending to buy a Mosin, I knew what to look for and found the gun I wanted for $100. J&G has Mosins right now for $60. Add the transfer fee and shipping and you are in the right ballpark (unless you have a C&R which i plan to do this summer).

    Before you go to a show, buy a copy of Shotgun News and read it through a few times the week of the show. Target which guns you wants and educate yourself on them. You will not be able to typically get a gun for the same price a SN because of the dealers fees and profit, but there is a reasonable line you do not have to cross for each firearm.

    Typically if a deal is too good to be true at a gun show, it is not true. Yes, you can find some good deals, but you have to be well informed on the firearm you want. The key is education. Do not buy on impulse.
  4. I usually end up shopping for ammo and mags. Most of the firearms are priced at or above the local market. You can find some great deals on mags if you shop around. I found some mil-spec mags for my Beretta 92 for 12.00 a piece. Only had problems with one. Simple feed lip adjustment. Also got some 1911 mags for 9.00 each. There's usually a couple of big ammo venders and if you don't mind buying 1000 rounds at a time, there is some good deals there as well.
  5. so true. my first gun show and everything was way over priced higher than at the gun shops. didnt find anything i wanted.
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    I dont even buy ammo there anymore, really...its all reloads unless its boxed...

    Maybe buy a few mags worth of frangible for home defense and whatnot...
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    Where in Mo? Is the show the one in Springfield?? If it is, prices are high and last two have left me feeling jipped. $8 admission or $7 with coupon and both times I walked out with nothing to show for it. But I confess I am a cheap bastard. Last show I was particularly dissapointed in lack of handgun selection. Two or three of the larger local shops did not show when they had before.
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    You guys were right...the prices were pretty high :(
    minidriver: the show was in cape.
    There weren't many handguns which is what I wanted to look at more.
    I saw a couple pt-22's for close to $300. I got mine for $175...
    There were a couple hi points. The carbines were around $250. I saw a .380 for $150.
    I got to spend some time with my dad, so it was worth it!
  9. The last show i went to a month ago I found a Hungarian FEG PA-63 for $295. The same exact gun was on the front of Shotgun News and is still selling at J&G for $99.95. Their regular price is $129.95. I showed the lady running the booth and she just stood their looking at me like a deer in headlights. I laughed and moved on.
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    yeah, I thought the prices were pretty ridiculous. I don't see how they sell anything? I guess some people don't know how much cheaper they can get stuff for......
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    well i am really glad that i didnt spend the hour and half drive to go to that same show. a few years back i went to a gun and knife show in hopkinsville ky that really done me in with gun shows. a vender there had a couple of 10/22s and a 597 all used and used BAD and the guy said he would give me a deal for $500 for all three! i just laughed and asked him if he thought i was stupid. as i was walking off he said he would let me have them for 150 each. i still laughed. and thats not the only other "good deals" i laughed at that day.
  12. Best way I found is know what you want, research before you go and figure out what you're gonna spend. This weekend I went looking for another XD - just to see how good I could do. Many were $100 over best online price I could find - BUT I did find one within $3 of best online delivered price. If I were buying, that would've been mine for sure. Also picked up a foregrip for the 995 which I mounted this morning - pics to follow.

    Best use for gun shows I've found? Spending time with friends.
  13. I've seen only one gun show here in Atlanta in the last six months that had good prices on HP pistols. This guy had _stacks_ of .380s and C9s, and lines of people waiting at $119.95 and $129.95. You'd think that someone would recognize a market and go for it

    All the other shows have have very few, with prices at anything from MSRP on up. I went to one yesterday with a bunch of .40s for $175 on up, and a .45 for $250. FWIW, I rarely see carbines at gun shows here, though they're on the shelf at the local dealer all the time.

    I like gun shows for the entertainment value, but -- as for purchases -- I go with no expectations, and the hope only of finding an oddball item cheap. And I did find a few goodies yesterday: a couple of really clean Romanian 30-round AK mags for $15 apiece, and a _really_ clean Raven .25 for $75. (See: my low-brow firearm tastes are not limited to Hi_points :) )
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    Went to a show today with the intention of purchasing a quad rail for my AR...didnt see any I liked...left with a 20rd magazine, front sight tool and new flash hider...oh well, going to my parts supplier to pick up a few 995 mags next week, might grab the set he has for sale...
  15. Buyer beware at gun shows, a case in point, at the first booth a old geezer had a 995 that he wanted $230 for used, inside, the next booth had them for $220 [msrp] new, in the back where I bought mine they were $189 nib. My point is, know what you want, do the price research, and take your time at the show, look around, you'll always find someone who is willing to undercut the competition. I like gun shows, but realize there are few really good bargains there any more. Unlike the past, we now give are mil. surplus away to 3rd world countries. Thats why there's a lot of surplus Garands out there an only a few surplus M1-carbines, the little folks in other countries love the carbine, but hate the long rifle. The M-16 is now are big give away. you won't find any surplus of them for sale.