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  1. theres a gun show coming on march 8 and 9 here. my question is how do you buy at a gun show? how do they perform your background check? they carry new and used guns right. just curious since ive never gone to one before, this will be my first and want to be prepare just in case i find something of interest. :?
  2. In Mo. you can buy anything if you can pass the backround check, then take it home with you.

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    They perform a background check via telephone, If you have a CWP (in SC at least) They do not have to call it in, quick sale/buy action. Unless the Seller/Vendor has a sign that clearly states "Private Sale/No paper Trail" bank on it you will be checked.
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    In NH it's just like buying a gun at a gun store.

    There are also usually a lot of private sellers looking to do face-to-face transactions which work the same as if they weren't at a gun show.

    Only thing you can't do is face-to-face transactions in the parking lot. Lots of BATFE agents around to make sure that doesn't happen.
  5. ok. i just thought i would have to do some paper work before hand prior to the show. didnt want to show up and not be able to purchase something i liked.
  6. not knowing your experience with these, don't be insulted..... but...... do your research first - lot's of it. Many of us have been more than pi**ed going to shows to find just a bunch of overpriced old stuff and way overpriced new stuff. Some have had success, but it's not the majority I assure you.

    If you're looking for a gun - look around, do the web, do the auctions, check rebates, etc. Have the data before you get there and you may find a great deal.
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    Too bad they don't have internet access at gun shows. Last show I was at I saw a nice SAM 1911 for $320.

    I had never heard of them so I drove home....40 miles...did the google thing....and then drove back, paid the parking garage....again, went in and got one.

    Research done up front can save you a lot of time / money.

    One thing I have learned to be 100% true at gun shows (at least in the north east) it never pays to buy ammo unless you can't find it anywhere else.
  8. ok being from texas myself, and haveing been to many gunshows I can tell you it will be like they say. there will be some good deals and there will be a lot of bad deals. if they are a dealer you will go through the check, but it only takes like ten minutes. and a lot of privite owners will be FTF. so go on and enjoy. its a lot of fun. got my first hi point at one two years ago.
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    Well, I have my own way of working gun shows:

    -Dress conservative, but nice. If you go in ripped jeans, bandana on the head and your favourite Slayer/Garth Brooks/Black Flag T-shirt, they're going to consider you a skeevy punk. Don't overdress, but pull out the nice Aeropostale shirt, decent coat and a basic pair of 501's. Believe me, it helps!

    -Bring part cash (about half of what you expect to spend on whatever projects you have in mind) and keep the rest freshly loaded on a Visa card. Most gun shows have access to a decent ATM or some take cards or even PayPal at the table. With cash you can easily bargain down the parts, cheaper arms and ammo from the current asking price. When looking at the truly high-priced items ($1000 and up), many merchants prefer a card because it's nearly assured that they're getting their money. You'd be surprised how many tools try to pass off counterfiet bills at many of these events.

    -RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! Info is your friend. Also, if you have a net-ready phone (Blackberry, iPhone, whatever...) save up your dataplan minutes and use 'em! Don't be afraid to use that camera phone too to send pics to your gun buddies to ask opinions on stuff you don't know off hand. When dealers see this action, they know you're not a pushover and some will drop the overpriced intro offer. Also, if I'm in the market for a unique arm I'll bring one or two of the best books or articles I have on them and shove them in a messenger bag for quick reference.

    -Team up on them!! My favourite gun-show buddy is my little sister. She's tiny and cute, and UBER educated on firearms. She can flirt with the best of them, and they treat her alot different than they'll treat me. Then, if we find a gun that one of us is interested in, she'll play one side of the table and I'll play the other. If it seems one of us has more luck than the other, then the less likely of the two of us will step aside.

    -Don't take it personal. Alot of these guys will ask for insane prices because they can, and refuse to be talked down. Don't try to get blood from a stone. The idea is to have fun and get the best equipment for your money. If they are bullish on the price, best not to poke that bull with a stick. There will ALWAYS be a better deal somewhere else.

    -Keep expectations open. It's easy to get fustrated in today's gun market, especially with dealers playing up the next election and trying to pull the perpetual "Fire Sale" and "Get them before they're banned" bit. It's also easy to say "screw it" and head home before you've explored every nook and cranny of the show, because as we all know: The best deal is often buried on a table of cheap holsters and lukewarm-priced ammo shoved in between the old copies of "Guns and Ammo" and Chinese range bags.

    -Never eat the chili from those food booths. Stick to the fried food. Trust me.
  10. Never eat the chili from those food booths. Stick to the fried food. Trust me.

    LOL. thats funny. im basically looking for another c9 or a carbine. theres only three gun shops here, so the pickings are kinda limited. theres only one shop that carries hi point but not that often are they in stock. i paid $189 plus tax so by buying over the net you add up all the cost and it come to about the same price as a new one locally. maybe i will have some luck and find me one at the gun show. thanks everyone for the input and knowledge shared on working the gun shows.
  11. lots of good thoughts, but no matter how long a thread goes on, when NEO dives in the pool, he goes to the bottom..... Well done!
  12. Just remember only eat the fried food.
  13. Actually I wouldn't feed hogs the food I've seen at a few gun shows, lol. I'll normally grab groceries before I go inside.

    Personally I don't go looking specifically for anything. If I do I never find it anyhow. I tell myself I'm only going to kill time. The last show I was at, just before Christmas, was just such a show. Secretly I was looking for a little Beretta for the missus but never found one. I was so set on that specific gun that I let the deal of a lifetime go by and have regretted it since. As everyone that knows me knows, I love Ruger guns. Well I found a private owner that really didn't like Rugers at all. As a matter of fact he said he "had to buy a whole case of the POS guns to get the AR-15's" he wanted. Most were new in box guns from a store that went out of business and the prices were about $50 under MSRP. Not interested. But one was a P95 used but very near mint. Asking price $199.00. I was so skeptical that I let everyone else around me peer at it. Soon a bunch of us were wondering what was wrong with it. The gun was passed around like a jug of shine in a Missouri hunt'n shack. For better than an hour I watched that gun get looked at and set down. Being so focused on one gun I couldn't see the deal right in front of me. To this day I have nightmares of that gun chasing me asking me why I didn't buy it, lol.

    Best thing to do at a gun show is have fun and fondle everything you can. If you get the "stay away from my guns" look (or verbal!) from any of the sellers just take note of who they are and avoid them at upcoming events. Life is too short to deal with A-hole gun show junkies.
  14. One word for you "iphone" got internet on the fly eveywhere I go...
  15. Here's an example fresh from the gun show. As I said I try not to go looking for any specific brand or model of gun at a gun show. I didn't today either really. As always there is a mental list of "items of interest" such as anything made by Ruger, most any pistol, compacts especially, and knives. Ammo? I never look at ammo at gun shows. Always seems to be boxes of outdated stuff not yet old enough to be considered collectible.

    But today was a little different. I happened to notice a table with newer looking boxes and specifically I noticed the 410 shotgun shells. The fellow had 25 count boxes of 2 1/2" trap load for $7.50 per box! I bought all but his last two boxes. After driving to the local Wally Mart and finding out they were selling the same stuff for $13.99 I felt I did pretty good.
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    I have been to many gun shows. What everyone has said rings very true. Stop and grab a burger or something before going. I always buy a 44 ounce drink to take with me. Some of those vendors go crazy with drink prices. Plus this way I have not wasted time eating at the show. Check every internet site and look at everything you might be interested in. Keep your options open. Don't buy from the first dealer you walk up to unless it is a super deal or very rare piece. Shop around , most of all just have a darned good time. If you go looking for one particular gun and don't want to settle for anything else you will be disappointed at the show. I always look for the best deal in the whole place.
  17. im just hoping to find another c9 asides from that i dont have anything particular in mind.
  18. March 8th and 9th? Where's it gonna be held at? I might have to make the trip to El Paso just to go to that one....

    Another thing to remember, some of these guys at gun shows are just normal, average Joe's. I bought my M38 Mosin from a guy at a gun show here in Alamogordo by handing him the money, shaking his hand and taking the gun to my truck.
  19. I love cash 'n carry. Best thing known to man.
  20. As for food: +1 to all those who have lambasted show food. The only standards that the quote-unquote-food at Atlanta shows might meet are those of maximum fartability and general diarrhisciousness.

    Fortunately, the Cobb Civic Center is blessed with a nearby temple of the culinary art, and Cheese Krystals can be grabbed by the handful in preparation for the descent into the firearm abyss. (Note: for Yankees, Krystal is the equivalent of White Castle.)

    Bargains? Yeah, they're there, though well hidden. I got my C9 used from a guy who let it go a bit on the cheap side, and mags can be found on the mix-up tables of old stuff that the vendor doesn't want to sort out. Also and occaisional can of millsurp MN or AK ammo

    In the ATL area, we get very few (like: I've seen none) private owners showing up for FTFs.

    Why go? Amusement for sure: I love looking, even it things aren't worth buying. And, of course, the elusive bargain. There are a few coming up, and the buying list includes AK mags and cleaning kits, and seriously good/affordable MNs, SKSs and SNSs.

    None of which -- starting with the long arms -- are likely to be there.