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  1. The big fall gun show was yesterday. There was a few bargains to had and prices reasonable.

    A MAS 49 for $350 was IMO the best deal. One could a full power mil spec rifle cheaper than that. Also, I picked up 10 DDR canteens for $10 and a Lee 1000 for $30.

    For prices:
    New 995's for $225-250. Several of them there.

    All the SKS's $325-350. About a dozen of them. Last couple of show there were 0-2.
    Most new AR's $500-550.

    Plenty of powder at normal prices. Unique was $21 for a #1. There was even a #8 of Unique.

    Japanese Type 99 LMG for $12,000. That would be top dollar, but I didn't see what he'd take. The guy is a local Class 3 dealer. Parts hard to get for these, so as a shooter it isn't the best.

    Otherwise the crowd was a bit light, but they were buying. About the best for variety of guns that I've seen in a while.

    While it didn't take me long to do my looking and buying, I was there for several hours. An friend was selling some Glocks and shotguns he didn't want anymore, so caught up with him for a few hours.
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    Sounds like a good day. Prices sound about consistent with what I have seen recently.

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    Sounds like it was a good show. I've looked at the Type 99 LMG and based on the exact reason you mention about parts, said the heck with it. I've got my eye on a really nice S&W M76 that someone I know has for sale though. I'm trying to not be too interested in it in order to see how low I can get him to go on it. ;)